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Gamblef*kkers Crypto Betting Platform Review

How to Farm $AZUR Airdrop using Gamblef*kkers.

What is GambleF*kkers?

GambleF*kkers serves as a front-end for the Azuro Protocol.

When you place a bet, your funds are secured in Azuro’s smart contracts, which have predefined outcomes.

After the completion of the game or event, the contract enables you to claim your winnings (if you are successful).

Distinct from other Azuro Protocol front-ends, GambleF*kkers offers you a 35% return on your betting losses each month.

To begin betting via the website’s interface using a smart contract, you must possess a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet (such as MetaMask) containing cryptocurrency. You need to link your wallet to the smart contract accessible through the website, allowing you to make bets using ERC-20 tokens.

To get started, visit Gamblef*kkers:

Connect your web3 wallet. 

Choose what you want to bet on and the amount. 

Set your spending cap. 

Pay the gas fee. 

Place your bet.

Approve the transaction.

Pay the gas fee.

You can verify you transaction on the block explorer. 

You can view your accepted bets on the dashboard.

You can also view other info including the odds and potential winnings for each bet placed. 

You will also be able to view the event’s result and claim your winnings. 

Gamblef*kkers is a simple to use platform for betting using cryptocurrencies. It leverages Azuro protocol and operates on the Polygon and Gnosis chains. 

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