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JuicyBet Decentralized Betting Platform Review

Decentralised Gambling Platform on Azuro Protocol.

What is JuicyBet?

JuicyBet is distinctively not a bookmaker. Indeed, while one can place bets and potentially win, it does not operate as a conventional “house,” “bookmaker,” or “sportsbook” where bets are placed against the establishment.

In contrast to traditional bookmakers that require a deposit of money for betting, JuicyBet eliminates the need for deposits or withdrawals. Here, when bets are made, the funds are secured in blockchain smart contracts which have outcomes predetermined. Following the conclusion of the game or event, the contract facilitates the redemption of winnings, if any are achieved.

The assurance is that one’s money remains theirs throughout. Unlike other bookmakers such as bet365, WilliamHill, Draftkings,, and more, JuicyBet does not require deposits. Funds are again secured in smart contracts, and upon the event’s conclusion, winnings can be claimed.

This innovative model is made possible because JuicyBet is the pioneering betting platform powered by Azuro, a novel decentralized betting protocol. The Azuro Protocol, comprising open-source, public-domain software, features a suite of smart contracts written in Solidity that are deployable on the Ethereum Blockchain among others.

JuicyBet prides itself on being safe, where it cannot withhold funds or influence the timing or occurrence of payouts. Users maintain complete control over their funds without needing to maintain a balance with JuicyBet.

The platform is notably user-friendly, requiring no account creation, log-ins, or document verifications. One simply needs cryptocurrency and a web3 wallet like MetaMask.

How to Bet On-chain Using JuicyBetConnect your web3 wallet. For this demonstration, we’ll be using MetaMask.Once your wallet is connected to the platform, you can proceed to place your bets.JuicyBet offers Sports Betting, eSports Betting, Casino Games and more. 

You can choose the amount you wish to place on your bets and set your spending cap. 

Pay the gas fee to enable the spending cap to be put in place so that you don’t spend Moree than you want to. 

Now you can proceed to place your bet. In this demonstration, we are going to use the sport betting feature and bet on the UFC 300 MMA event.

You can choose who you think will win and you’ll be able to see the odds.

Pay the gas fee.

You’ll be notified once your bet is accepted. 

You can also see the status of your bet on the dashboard. 

Why Use JuicyBet?

While the technology may initially seem daunting for those new to crypto, the process is designed to be straightforward once engaged.


JuicyBet also offers rewarding experiences, with regular promotions that include free bet NFTs and other prizes, with details often updated on their social media platforms.

Azuro Score & Juicy Drops

Using JuicyBet allows you to boost your Azuro Score which will be considered when the $AZUR token is airdropped to users of DApps on the Azuro protocol. 

Additionally, users of JuicyBet can earn Juicy Drops which will later be converted into tokens. 

JuicyBet Referrals 

JuicyBet also has a great referral program which users can benefit from inviting other users to the platform. 

JuicyBet ensures an entertaining environment, reminding users to cease participation if the enjoyment diminishes.

As the front-end for the Azuro Protocol, JuicyBet spearheads the move towards a decentralized, cross-chain betting ecosystem. It currently supports the Polygon Mainnet, providing users with the flexibility to choose from multiple blockchains for their transactions. This setup enables users to seamlessly start betting by depositing and withdrawing USDT directly to and from their Polygon wallet, facilitating swift bet placements on the network.


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