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XYZBET Decentralized Betting App on Telegram

XYZBET Decentralized Betting on Azuro Protocol.

What is XYZBET?

XYZBET presents itself as a cutting-edge betting platform tailored for interactions via the Telegram interface. The platform enhances the convenience of sports betting and secures transactions through integration with the Azuro Protocol, offering top-tier security.

The following issues are addressed effectively:


🔴Bet limiting ➡️ Bet sizes may be constrained by the pool’s liquidity, typically reaching tens of thousands of USDT.

🔴Account blocking➡️ Profitable players are encouraged.

How to Use XYZBET

First, download and open the Telegram app and search for @xyzbet_tgbot or simply go the URL: 

Read the terms and conditions and if you agree then launch the app. 

Choose which sport you’d like to bet on. 

Choose which event you’d like to bet on and who you think will win. In this example, we’ll place a bet on an MMA fight. 

To successfully place your bets, you need to fund your wallet by making a deposit. 

When you click the wallet icon, you’ll be able to get your wallet address on the Telegram bot that you can send funds to from another wallet. 

XYZBET is available on the Polygon and Gnosis blockchain networks.

In this demonstration, we’ll send $10 from a MetaMask wallet to our XYZBET Telegram bot wallet account.

Now that we have some funds in our account, we can proceed to place our bet on the fight. 

To proceed you need to accept the terms and conditions and sign the rules. 

We are going to place a $5 bet and pick who we think will win the bout.  

You can clearly see how many Azuro score points you can earn by placing your bet. 

Your bet will now be processed. You’ll see a notification on the interface once your bet has been successfully placed. You’ll also see the bet details in your Telegram chat including how much you stand to win, your bet ID and when the event will start, etc.

XYZBet’s collaboration with Gnosis Safe

Ensuring fund safety is critical. To ensure this, XYZBet partners with Gnosis Safe, adopting its innovative technologies to protect user assets.

Why Gnosis Safe?

Gnosis Safe is celebrated for its security-centric approach, offering a multisignature wallet feature. This setup requires multiple approvals for transactions, enhancing security against unauthorized access or potential security breaches.

How XYZBet Implements Gnosis Safe Features

  • Account Abstraction Wallets (AA Wallets): XYZBet equips each user with an AA Wallet. Diverging from traditional Ethereum Owned Accounts (EOAs) that utilize private keys, these AA Wallets are smart contracts activated directly on the blockchain, designed to serve as wallets.
  • No Private Keys: A notable characteristic of AA Wallets is their lack of private keys, using ‘owners’ instead. This shift significantly diminishes the risks linked to key theft or loss.
  • User Control: Users manage these smart contract wallets via their existing wallets, ensuring they retain full control over their funds, embodying the maxim: “Your funds are truly yours!”
  • Enhanced Protection: Utilizing Gnosis Safe, XYZBet ensures no user private keys are stored on its servers, reducing potential security risks and ensuring bettors can wager confidently.

XYZBet’s Integration with Azuro Protocol

Enhancing Betting with Liquidity Pools XYZBet pledges to elevate the betting experience, with its partnership with Azuro Protocol highlighting this commitment. A standout feature of XYZBet is the liquidity pool, bolstered by its committed users, making bets more dependable and sturdy. 

Why Azuro Protocol?

Azuro Protocol utilizes liquidity pools to revamp the conventional betting model, offering users a wider and more adaptable betting market.

How XYZBet Incorporates Azuro’s Features

Liquidity Pools Exposure: By contributing to an Azuro pool, liquidity providers gain access to a broad spectrum of betting markets, allowing them to engage in numerous markets with a single contribution.

Earnings Through Spread: Liquidity pools are not merely passive; they generate earnings from the spread built into the odds. Each bet contributes to potential profits for the pool, derived from the discrepancy between the tokens allocated for specific outcomes and those returned after these outcomes are resolved.

Greater Betting Volume, Higher Profitability: The profitability of the liquidity pools is directly linked to the volume of bets and the activity within the protocol. Increased betting activity enhances the likelihood of the pools yielding profits.

Long-Term Benefits: The duration for which a liquidity provider maintains their position in the pool significantly impacts their potential returns. Longer-term positions are more likely to be profitable, rewarding the commitment of dedicated participants.

Azuro Score ($AZUR)

Bets made using @xyzbet_tgbot accumulate Azuro Score points, which will be convertible into $AZUR tokens following the launch of the $AZUR token.


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