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KAP Games Web3 Ecosystem Review

KAP Games web3 gaming distributor, publisher & studio.

What is KAP Games?

KAP Games operates as a distributor, publisher, and studio within the web3 gaming sector, focusing on creating browser and mobile-native gaming experiences.

By leveraging emerging technologies, KAP Games aims to usher in a new era of gaming. The company has developed an ecosystem that brings together a variety of games, innovative projects, and dynamic communities.

What Makes KAP Games Unique?

This ecosystem is built around three principal product verticals:

    • Distribution: KAP Games offers a distribution suite that spans social-first platforms, browsers, mobile, and PC, aiming to deliver a seamless gaming experience to fans interested in digital assets and web3 ownership. The suite emphasizes web2.5 social/SSO login mechanisms, quest and tournament aggregation, and clear monetization policies aligned with blockchain principles, thus ensuring that games quickly reach a quality audience.

    • Studio: The studio at KAP Games focuses on creating social, large-scale midcore games (similar to Battlebit, Valheim, and Fall Guys) that incorporate digital ownership, AI that enhances the gaming world, and a strong emphasis on user-generated content (UGC) and creator rights. This includes games with easy-to-understand ownership structures, minimalistic art styles, and platforms like the Brawl of Fame, a recurring social skillshot competition. Additionally, teasers for upcoming titles, such as the naval extraction game Captain & Company, are periodically released.

    • Publishing: KAP Games connects its games with a comprehensive support network that propels partners from their inception stages onward. Understanding the unique needs of web3 gaming, KAP Games bridges the gap for game studios with tools and services like SDKs for asset management and user login, community and marketing support, financial grants, engagement and retention tools, partner distribution channels, and corporate structuring assistance.

KAP Games is noted for its transparency, having undergone three full audits, revealing team identities (doxxed), and relinquishing control over its token contract.

The game play is user friendly. 

to play Captain & Company for example, simply connect your wallet. 

MetaMask is a good web3 wallet to use. 

Make sue you’re using a compatible chain e.g. Blast. 

For example, here I switch the network for my wallet’s interaction to Blast from Fantom.

You can also sign up using your email.

You my need to sign a transaction to link your wallet. 

One your wallet is connected, you can proceed to the game play.

You can even earn mBlast, which will redeemable for Blast tokens. 

Enjoy playing and earning. 

$KAP Token

This token serves as the linchpin of KAP Games‘ community and contributor engagement, offering utility across all services and tools.

With a fixed supply of 1 billion, the $KAP token is designed to be non-inflationary. Where feasible, fees are charged in $KAP, and any external tokens collected may be converted to $KAP within the company’s treasury. $KAP tokens can be traded on exchanges such as Gate, MEXC, or on dexes like Uniswap v2. 

Staking and Governance

KAP Games provides dual-sided (KAP-ETH) liquidity staking pools, with potential premium features or discounts for participants. $KAP holders have a say in partnerships, acquisitions, and reward structures through voting. The treasury plays a crucial role in supporting the DAO’s operations and offerings by monetizing holdings.

To stake, go to the staking tab on the interface. 

Allow for contract interaction with your wallet. 

In this demonstration, we are staking on Blast network. 

We will get 4% yield on our staked ETH

You can get as high as 15% staking USDB. 

Treasury and Staking Rewards

The ecosystem’s treasury supports community incentives, partnerships, liquidity rewards, and operational expenses. Tokens allocated for staking rewards are subject to DAO governance adjustments. These rewards are distributed through KAP-ETH pools and are locked for 12 months.

Public Market Liquidity and Token Allocation

Decentralized and centralized exchanges provide initial liquidity for $KAP, with specific provisions for regulatory compliance. Tokens allocated to the team, investors, and advisors have defined lock-up and vesting periods to ensure long-term commitment.

Your Role in the DAO

As a decentralized autonomous organization, KAP Games emphasizes the importance of its contributors’ collective decisions in shaping its future. The DAO is on a path towards complete decentralization, with the community at its helm steering its course.

Bridging $KAP

The $KAP token is primarily based on the Ethereum mainnet but is accessible across various blockchain networks. This includes bridges to and from Polygon, Arbitrum, Blast and other networks ensuring $KAP’s interoperability and ease of use across the blockchain ecosystem.


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