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Deriblast Trading with Gaming Platform Review

Deriblast Memecoin Leverage Trading Platform with Prediction Markets.

What is Deriblast?

Deriblast offers traders across all levels and token types the opportunity to engage in fast-paced and thrilling trading experiences, utilizing their tokens as collateral.

Supporting prediction markets for BTCUSD with minimum durations of 15 seconds, Deriblast enables participants to predict market directions using various tokens.

How to Use Deriblast on Blast Network

Connect your web3 wallet.

In this demonstration, we’ll be using MetaMask. 

Sign a message to prove ownership of your wallet. 

Now that the Deriblast smart contracts can interact with your wallet, you can proceed but make sure that you have bridged some assets to the Blast network before going ahead. 

Here we are going to bridge some ETH from Scroll to Blast. Pay the associated gas fee. You can check the status of your transaction in real-time.You can also verify the validity of the transaction using a relevant block explorer e.g. Scroll scan.  

Prediction Market Explained

A prediction market operates as a trading exchange where users can speculate on future events, like asset price changes, earning rewards based on prediction accuracy. Users apply their insights or hypotheses to anticipate market trends within specified timeframes. For example, if a participant forecasts a Bitcoin price increase in the next 30 seconds and is correct, they earn an 80% return atop their initial stake. This system fosters knowledgeable forecasting and market engagement, rewarding users for insightful analyses.Deriblast offers such markets with the possibility to use diverse tokens, enhancing flexibility and inclusivity.

Referral System Overview

The referral program aims to incentivize users for introducing new participants, rewarding them based on the newcomers’ trading volumes and the referrer’s network size. With no cap on referrals, the program’s tiered structure amplifies rewards corresponding to the referrer’s success in expanding their network.

Token Pre-Listing Insight

Pre-listing tokens are strategic tools to attract a broader user base and introduce new memecoins. These tokens provide early access to new offerings, converting to actual tokens post-launch for immediate trading or withdrawal. 

User Interface Breakdown

Deriblast’s user interface, refined through user feedback, focuses on simplicity and functionality, reflecting its association with the Blast chain. Key components include a detailed charting system, a trading panel for prediction setup, a trading data section displaying open and closed trades, and an interactive area for monitoring points and game rewards.

Revenue Sharing Concept

Deriblast‘s unique system allocates a portion of trading losses for distribution among users, aligning rewards with platform engagement. The tiered sharing model parallels the referral structure but focuses on equitable loss redistribution, fostering a communal and incentivized trading environment.

This ecosystem champions a community-driven model, rewarding engagement and promoting a collaborative platform ethos. 


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