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BookieBot Telegram Crypto Betting Review

BookieBot: Sports Betting Integrated Directly Into Telegram.

What is BookieBot?

Bookiebot stands out as the premier betting interface of the web3 era. It facilitates seamless betting for sports enthusiasts, allowing them to place bets effortlessly on Azuro Protocol and Overtime Markets directly from their Telegram wallet. Thanks to these integrations, BookieBot users enjoy access to unparalleled liquidity and an extensive array of sports betting options available on the Polygon and Optimism networks.

Users can securely and conveniently wager on all major sports directly through Telegram, using ETH, USDT, USDC, or SUSD, while maintaining full control of your assets at all times.

How to Use BookieBot?

Go to BookieBot homepage. Once you click “Start Betting”, you’ll be brought to the Telegram bot interface. 

Continue to open the app.

Once you’re on the app homepage, you can see which sports and events are available to bet on. 

You can navigate the menu to see all the options available within BookieBot including depositing, bridging , or withdrawal options. 

You should search for your wallet address and fund it before you start to place bets. 

In this demonstration, we’ll fund our BookieBot wallet another web3 wallet

Now that we’ve sent funds to top up our BookieBot account, let’s confirm the new balance. 

So now have some USDT to place our bet with. 

Since BookieBot runs on Polygon network, we need to buy a bit of gas for the transaction fees because we’ll be placing on-chain bets. 

Choose a sport and the event you wish to bet on. 

Choose the amount you wish to spend on your bet. What’s great about BookieBet is the fact that since bets are placed via an Ethereum L2 solution ie. Polygon – micro transactions are made possible. 

You’ll be notified when your bet is successfully placed.

You can also track your bets on the dashboard. 

The $BB Token: Powering the Bookiebot Ecosystem

Crafted with precision tokenomics and a host of benefits for holders, the $BB token lies at the heart of the Bookiebot experience.

The $BB token operates on the Ethereum network at: 0x562e12e1E792643d168C1fa01c1b7198a0f83C9F.

Boasting a fair launch, 100% of the token supply was initially added to the BB/ETH liquidity pool.

How to Buy $BB Token on Uniswap

Go to Uniswap

Choose which currency you wish to swap for $BB token. In this demonstration, we’ll make a small purchase of $BB tokens. 

Let’s swap $ETH for $BB. 

You’ll be able to see the price impact/slippage and the swap route.

Confirm your swap. 

Once you’ve given your wallet the necessary permissions, you can proceed to pay the gas fee. 

You’ll be notified once your swap has been successfully placed. 

You can also confirm the transaction on the block explorer. 

With 1 million tokens in circulation, there is no dilution of value.

A 5% tax is levied on both buy and sell transactions of the $BB token. This tax is divided as follows: 1% contributes to the Liquidity Pool, 2% is allocated to revenue sharing, and 2% supports team operations.

Additionally, 50% of Bookiebot‘s betting revenue feeds into the revenue-sharing pool.

Unlocking Revenue Sharing Opportunities

The Bookiebot ecosystem offers a robust revenue-sharing mechanism benefiting token holders, bettors, referrers, and more.

How does it function?Any wallet containing over 500 $BB tokens participates in the monthly revenue share.

Revenue share is distributed in ETH on the Ethereum Network.

Monthly snapshots track wallet balances, calculating distribution based on daily holdings throughout the preceding month.

No staking or token locking is necessary; merely holding tokens suffices.

When can you claim revenue share?

Revenue share is claimable on the 25th of each month. Participants have 90 days from the distribution date to claim their share.

After this period, unclaimed revenue is repurposed for user and community incentives.

What comprises Revenue Share?

  • 2% of all $BB volume traded.
  • 50% of betting revenue from Azuro Protocol, equating to 60% of Liquidity Pool profits from Bookiebot wagers.
  • 50% of betting revenue from Overtime markets, representing 1% of all betting volume via Bookiebot. 

How to Claim Revenue Share Rewards

Visit to initiate the claim process.

How is the Revenue Share Wallet Distributed?

  • 80% is allocated to $BB Token Holders.
  • 10% goes to Bettor Rakeback, distributed based on monthly betting losses.
  • 5% is designated for Referrers, based on their referral’s betting volume.
  • 2.5% is earmarked for Copy Betting incentives.
  • 2.5% fuels Free Bets incentives.

BookieBot Referral Program

  • Bookiebot’s referral program offers an avenue for earnings beyond token holding and betting.
  • Upon signup, users receive a unique referral link to share.
  • Referrers earn 5% of the monthly revenue share based on their combined referral volume.
  • Referral revenue is disbursed alongside Bookiebot’s Revenue Sharing on the 25th of each month.

Rakeback: A Bettor’s Bonus

  • Bookiebot extends a generous rakeback to bettors as part of its revenue-sharing model.
  • 10% of the Revenue Share wallet is allocated for Rakeback.
  • Bettors with over $500 in negative PnL for the month qualify.
  • Rakeback is distributed based on the percentage of monthly betting losses.

Copy Betting + Bet Sharing: A Community Feature

  • Bookiebot simplifies the process of copying and sharing bets within its community.
  • Easily replicate other users’ bets with just a few clicks.
  • Share your bets effortlessly on Telegram or Twitter, attracting followers and engagement.

Empower your betting experience with Bookiebot’s intuitive features and lucrative opportunities. Get started today. 


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