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Sweep n’ Flip Marketplace for NFT Traders

Sweep n’ Flip NFT DEX Review.

What is Sweep n’ Flip?

Sweep n’ Flip welcomes visitors to a distinctive marketplace tailored for NFT traders, liquidity providers, and NFT collections. Through its innovative Flipping Aggregator and AMM for NFTs, Sweep n’ Flip addresses the critical challenges within the NFT marketplace, enhancing accessibility and ease of use for all participants.

What Makes Sweep n’ Flip Unique?

Positioned at the leading edge of the DeFi and NFT revolution, Sweep n’ Flip’s objective is to introduce a more intuitive and streamlined interface for NFT traders. It seeks to refine the flipping experience, inject liquidity into the marketplace, and simplify interactions for users.

Brief NFT Market History

The narrative of the market began in 2017 with the launch of OpenSea, marking the inception of NFT marketplaces. Following this, in 2018, Cryptopunks unveiled their NFT collection, featuring a marketplace catered to their unique needs. The spotlight turned to tokenized marketplaces such as Rarible, Know Origin, Super Rare, Mintable, and Foundation during the DeFi Summer of 2020, a period also notable for the prominent exposure of the NBA Top Shots Collection due to its significant trading volumes.

The year 2021 witnessed Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” achieving a groundbreaking sale of $69 million at Christie’s auction house. NFTX played a pivotal role in enhancing collection liquidity floors, and May saw the launch of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. This period, known as the NFT Summer of 2021, was characterized by OpenSea revealing collection floor prices, increased trading activity, and OpenSea’s trading volume exceeding 1 billion, establishing it as a primary platform for NFT collection trading due to its high liquidity.

January 2022 saw the emergence of Looks Rare, introducing significant innovations such as Collection Offers and tokenized liquidity incentives for listings. X2Y2 also made its debut, focusing on reduced fees (merely 0.5%) and a user experience tailored for high-volume trading, including features like collection royalty bypassing.

The Aggregator Era

This era witnessed the rise of platforms like Genie, which was subsequently acquired by Uniswap, offering competitive pricing across marketplaces and simplifying the flipping process. Gem’s acquisition by OpenSea, despite this, did not alter the user experience offered by the marketplace. Blur introduced a paradigm shift in the NFT domain by catering to professional traders with features like 0% marketplace fees, royalty bypass options, and tokenized incentives.

The AMM Revolution

July 2022 marked the launch of Sudo Swap, introducing on-chain and decentralized technologies to infuse NFT collection floors with liquidity, imposing no collection royalties and a mere 0.5% in marketplace fees. Sudo Swap’s introduction heralded two major market trends: the equivalence of flagged and unflagged NFTs and the differentiation of on-chain contracts as DeFi technologies distinct from the centralized solutions provided by other platforms.

Sweep n’ Flip Marketplace

Aimed at addressing key obstacles in NFT trading, Sweep n’ Flip Marketplace is equipped with two essential tools to transform the NFT market landscape.

The Flipping Aggregator revolutionizes NFT flipping by eliminating complex interfaces and tedious manual operations. Sweep n’ Flip allows users to effortlessly achieve target profits through automated processes.

The AMM for NFTs provides essential liquidity for price floor NFT collections, facilitating the buying and selling of NFTs. This technology also generates a fungible LP Token to enhance liquidity campaigns.

Challenges Addressed

  • Overly complex UI/UX with unnecessary steps and information
  • Predominance of order book-based NFT market
  • Large spreads between NFT floor prices and optimal offers
  • Significant discrepancies between sell and buy orders
  • Cumbersome experience in relisting newly acquired NFTs
  • Time-consuming and frustrating flipping processes

How to Get Started w/ Sweep n’ Flip

Connect your web3 wallet.

In this demonstration, we’ll be using MetaMask. 
Once your wallet is connected, you can enable the currency you wish to swap. 
Set your spending cap.
Once you’ve enabled the swap, you can proceed to execute your swap.

Sweep n’ Flip | Flipping Aggregator

An NFT marketplace aggregator designed for automatic flipping and a seamless user experience.

With a focus on improving the UX/UI, the Sweep n’ Flip – Flipping Aggregator offers a streamlined interface centered around flipping operations, making it accessible for both seasoned and novice traders without the monotony of relisting individual items.

Unlike most exchanges, which suffer from complex interfaces and redundant information, Sweep n’ Flip enhances user operations by minimizing frustration and time spent on processes. Integration with the API Reservoir provides users with access to unparalleled liquidity and competitive prices across major marketplaces.

Aimed at eliminating the complexities and time requirements of NFT trades, the Flipping Aggregator enables users to select the number of NFTs to buy from a collection, set a profit target, and list them within a specified timeframe with just a few clicks.

Royalties and Fees

The total for buy and sell operations stands at 2.5%, divided among:

  • Liquidity Providers Fee: 1%
  • Collection 


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