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Mintable App – NFT Marketplace 2021 Review

Review of the NFT Marketplace -Mintable.

Mintable App allows users to create non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and upload user created content to Mintable’s servers and other third party affiliates, manage existing non-fungible tokens made on the service, or on other third party services, browse non-fungible tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain, and transact between two parties by selling non-fungible tokens.

Mintable is an NFT marketplace backed by billionaire Mark Cuban. Users need to be at least 13 years old and residents of the United States to use the service. When a user creates their own personalized account, they may be able to generate content in the form of non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain from using the service. Users are solely responsible for the content that they post, upload, link to or otherwise make available via the service. 

What Makes Mintable App Unique?

For those familiar with digital art and NFT platforms such as RaribleSuperRareKnownOrigin, or Async Art a distinct point to note is that those platforms don’t provide users with the flexibility that they need almost none of them allow users to retain complete ownership over the smart contract. This is precisely the problem that Mintable aims to solve. 

According to the Mintable team, theirs is the first platform to allow anyone to make their own NFT and retain complete ownership over the smart contract, the first tool to batch mint NFTs, the first tool to help users manage their NFTs from any ERC-721 contract and the first NFT only DAO. This means that Mintable doesn’t have an altcoin. The token standard is only ERC721 which allows for the implementation of a standard API for NFTs within smart contracts. This standard provides basic functionality to track and transfer NFTs. Thankfully they do as such because that means we will never get pumped and dumped as everything is non-fungible, as compared to fungible ERC-20 tokens. 

Mintable was the first NFT marketplace to introduce gasless minting. Despite NFTs having been around for some time (remember CryptoKitties?), the main reason they never became widely popular is primarily due to the upfront cost or fee of minting an asset in the form of Ethereum gas fees. The fees are charged by the blockchain’s miners. For instance, if a user wished to make one piece of art as an NFT, they’d have to pay sometimes upwards of $100 and sometimes way more than that on gas fees. With Mintable’s gasless minting, users can simply create a new NFT on Mintable with the option to make a transaction-free NFT or a traditional NFT. All the user would need to do is sign a message and their NFT will be created. This move by Mintable could spur NFT adoption since the minting fees can be eliminated. 

Mintable launched the Mintable V2.0 which added new features to the platform including NFT auctions, reviews & ratings, and activity tracking. Other important features include minting flexibility which allows for Unlockable Private Files up to 3gb, Batch-minting of NFTs, Decentralized Hosting, and ‘Printable Series’ which makes it possible to directly sell millions of NFTs with a single transaction. You’re also able to stop people from reselling your NFTs by simply choosing that option. The platform also offers a messaging function allowing buyers and sellers to interact effectively. You can read more about these features here

How to use Mintable 2.0 to create NFTs

To start creating your very own NFT , you need to get your media in order. NFTs can support an array of files, like visual files (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.), music files (MP3, etc.), 3D files (GLB, etc.) Mintable allows an array of different file types and it’s as easy as a few clicks with their extremely user friendly interface to convert your files into NFTs. 

Click Mint an item:

You can choose to pay gas fees or mint the NFT for free.

Should you choose the gasless option:

You then need to connect your MetaMask Web3 Wallet

Once your wallet is connected you can then Create and List items for sale. 

Choose the pricing

Sign the message in your MetaMask

Once you sign the transaction, your item is ready for sale.

Congratulations, your listing is live!

Now that your newly created and minted NFT is listed on the Mintable marketplace, you can sit back and watch the auction happen. It works just like eBay. Bidding takes place until the auction is over, or if someone buys the item immediately with the buy now price. The bid winner will have 3 days to make a payment and receive the NFT. 

If you have buyers contact you, you can use the messaging tool to answer their questions. 

Another awesome feature on Mintable is the flexibility you have to decide whether or not you would like to decentralize your metadata. 

To achieve a successful sale you need to ensure that your shop is set up properly. You will need to pay gas fees for setting your store up on Mintable. 

You’re able to select how much royalty you need if a buyer resells your NFT.

Now that your NFT is available in your store you can start promoting it.

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