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How to Create Meme Coins on Solana w/ Pump.Fun

How to Create Meme Coins on Solana Blockchain Using Pump.Fun.

What is Pump.Fun?

Pump ensures the security of all issued tokens to prevent rug pulls. Every cryptocurrency listed on Pump.Fun is launched fairly, with no pre-sales or allocations reserved for the team. The process is straightforward and transparent:

  1. Selection: Choose a cryptocurrency that aligns with your interests.
  2. Purchase: Buy the selected cryptocurrency through a bonding curve mechanism, which adjusts the price dynamically based on the buying and selling activity.
  3. Trading: You can sell your holdings at any time to realize your profits or cut your losses.
  4. Market Cap Achievement: Once collective purchases on the bonding curve hit a total market capitalization of $69,000, the project moves to the next phase.
  5. Liquidity and Burning: At this market cap milestone, $12,000 worth of liquidity is added to Raydium—an automated market maker—and then permanently removed from circulation (burned).

This model promotes transparency and fairness, ensuring that participants have equal opportunity to invest and benefit from the ecosystem without the fear of insider advantages or manipulative schemes.

How to Create a Meme Coin on Pump.Fun

Connect your web3 wallet

Pump.Fun uses the Solana blockchain, thus, we’ll use Solflare wallet to connect. 

Sign a message to connect to the Pump.Fun platform. 

Create username and bio. 

Now you can proceed to Create a meme coin. Choose the name and Ticker and then add a description.  

For example:

Name: Decentralized Puppets 

Ticker: $PUP

Description: Decentralized Puppets (PUP) is a playful meme coin that aims to bring a lighthearted touch to the world of cryptocurrency. Embracing the theme of puppetry, PUP introduces a unique, community-driven approach where holders can participate in “pulling the strings” of the coin’s development and direction. Ideal for crypto enthusiasts with a sense of humor, Decentralized Puppets offers an engaging platform for voting on new features and community events, all while fostering a fun and inclusive environment. Join the puppet show and let’s make crypto entertaining!


Proceed to pay the meme coin creation fee of approx. 0.02 SOL which is approx. $2.90 (at the time of writing).

You’ll be given the option to purchase some of the newly created tokens, however, this is optional. It is encouraged to protect the meme coin created from snipers.

A Crypto Sniper bot is an automated trading tool specifically crafted for the cryptocurrency market.

Its main role is to carry out buy or sell orders at very high velocities, typically reacting to market occurrences or particular conditions that are advantageous for trading. In this scenario, the term ‘sniping’ denotes the bot’s capability to swiftly ‘shoot’ and complete trades during the most favorable times, similar to a military sniper who patiently waits for the ideal moment to take a shot.

Approve the meme coin creation transaction.Once the transaction is confirmed, you can also verify it on the block explorer. And just like that you’d have created your own meme coin. Check out our meme coin here:

How to Buy a Meme Coin on Pump.Fun

Now that we have a meme coin, let’s purchase some for fun.Choose how much SOL you want to spend on the purchase. You’ll be able to see how many meme coins you’ll get for your funds. You can even add a comment.Approve the transaction.You’ll be notified once the transaction is confirmed. You can also verify it on the block explorer. You can check the stats of your meme coin’s performance on the dashboard. You can also view the market cap of the meme coin.You will also be able to see your meme coin purchases directly from your wallet.

What are Fair Launch Meme Coins?

Fair launch meme coins are a type of cryptocurrency that typically have a humorous or light-hearted theme and are distributed in a way that aims to be transparent and equitable. Unlike traditional initial coin offerings (ICOs) or token sales that might provide early access, discounts, or special terms to certain investors, a fair launch allows anyone to participate on equal footing. This means:

  • No pre-mined tokens: The developers do not reserve any tokens for themselves before the public launch.
  • Equal opportunity: All participants have the same opportunity to acquire tokens at the same time.
  • Decentralized distribution: Tokens are often distributed through mechanisms like airdrops, mining, or through decentralized exchanges, ensuring no central authority controls the majority of the supply.
  • Why Solana is a Popular Blockchain of Meme Coins

Solana is a popular blockchain for launching meme coins for several reasons:

  1. High throughput and scalability: Solana can process tens of thousands of transactions per second, reducing bottlenecks and ensuring that even during high demand, transactions can be processed quickly and efficiently.
  2. Low transaction fees: Solana’s fees are significantly lower compared to other major blockchains like Ethereum. This is particularly attractive for transactions involving meme coins, where users might not want to spend a lot on fees.
  3. Growing ecosystem: Solana has a rapidly growing ecosystem with a wide range of DeFi applications, NFT platforms, and trading venues, which can provide meme coins with immediate utility and liquidity.
  4. Developer support: Solana provides robust tools and support for developers, making it easier to create and launch new projects, including meme coins.

These factors make Solana an attractive option for developers looking to launch meme coins with the intention of ensuring a fair, efficient, and cost-effective distribution and operation.


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