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Zapper Web3 Platform Review

How to Use Zapper’s Cross Chain Bridge.

What is Zapper?

Zapper functions as a versatile search platform and exploration tool within the web3 ecosystem. Its discovery pages lay out interconnected pathways, facilitating user exploration through a showcase of popular NFT collections, DeFi applications, and DAOs.

Individuals are afforded the capability to monitor their web3 portfolio directly from their profile page. This page comprehensively displays their assets, debts, involvement in liquidity pools, staking engagements, claimable rewards, yield farming activities, and NFT holdings.

Notably, Zapper does not mandate the sharing of personal data for usage. Users can fully engage with Zapper’s offerings by simply connecting an EVM-compatible wallet, or by entering an ETH wallet address or ENS domain into the search bar located at the top of the homepage.

Moreover, Zapper serves as a gateway for users to exchange tokens and bridge assets across various networks. The platform’s Swap page, powered by Matcha, facilitates the swapping of thousands of tokens across six different networks. Simultaneously, the Bridge page, enabled by Socket, supports the multi-chain bridging of assets, thus easing the exploration process across diverse chains.

How to Cross-chain Bridge Using Zapper

First, connect your web3 wallet.

Set your spending cap. 

Pay the gas. 

Approve the amount for the cross-chain swap.

Choose the destination chain and asset for swap. 

Confirm the swap. 

Pay the gas fee.

Your transaction will be initiated. 

your funds will be available in your wallet. Check the relevant network. 

Zapper also has swap and portfolio management features.


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