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YFX Decentralized Perpetual Market: V4 Launch Is Finally Here!

YFX Decentralised Exchange Review.

YFX V4 is set to officially launch on 2024-5-8 at 10:00 (UTC+0) 

After undergoing a security audit by Certik, a firm backed by Binance, YFX V4 will debut on 2024-5-8 at 10:00 (UTC+0). The initial launch will feature the new homepage and trading system. The Stats page will be introduced within one to two weeks after launch, and the mining system will be activated either when trading volume surpasses $100,000,000 or as per the schedule announced. 

Audit Report

Several enhancements are included in YFX V4, such as LP Leverage, integration with ChainLink & PYTH, a new LP-AMM mode, a new mining system, a rebate system of up to 70%, an MPC wallet, and more.

In YFX V4, the trading fees are the lowest in the decentralized perpetual market:

Initial Trading Pairs

YFX V4 Referral System

YFX V4 offers up to 70% rebates and 20% discounts on trading fees. If your trading channel meets their criteria, you can apply for the Genesis Referral Nodes.

Complete the form: 

For information on the referral rebate system, please visit:

Earning System

Before launching the earning (Mining) system, they aim to ensure the robustness of YFX V4’s trading system. Once the system’s trading volume exceeds $100,000,000, the launch date for the earning system will be announced. The start date for mining will depend on this announcement.

The updated earning system will distribute between 10M and 15M YFX to users over the next six months, and will continue using a portion of the trading fees for the buyback and burning of YFX. Details of the mining system will be publicly released later and will include:

Staking YFX (using YFX for mining) Trade Mining (using UTP from trading for mining) Position Mining (mining by maintaining positions) LP Mining (mining by providing liquidity) Lock YFX (staking YFX for a set period for mining) For more information on the Earning System, please visit:

YFX V4, developed over three years, is a highly community-focused version where all revenue is shared with the community through rebates or mining rewards. They invite everyone to join them in fostering a new trading community.


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