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Yellow Card Review

Guide to Yellow Card Crypto Platform.

Founded in 2016 and graduated from the Binance Labs Season II incubation program in 2019. Yellow Card is a cash-to-crypto on-ramp for emerging markets. Backed by angels and VCs including Andreessen Horowitz, Blockchain Ventures, BlockFi, Castle Island Ventures, among others – Yellow Card’s vision is to help connect people in the developing world with digital currency finance ecosystems.

Yellow Card is available in the USA and in developing countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Botswana, Uganda, Rwanda, Cameroon, DRC, Gabon, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia. The company seems to have a focus on the African market. 

Getting started with Yellow Card is pretty simple and straightforward. You can get onboarded in a matter of minutes. You can use Yellow Card on the web app or mobile. It’s available on both iOS and Android. Once you have the app, you can complete the KYC verification process and then you’ll be able to deposit funds and purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum or Tether USDT

A crypto asset platform designed to ease the process of money transfer by turning local currency into bitcoins, Yellow Card’s strategy is partnering with local merchants, vendors, and convenience stores. Their business model involves the partners selling vouchers which are redeemable for cryptocurrency through their app. 


  • Operates 24/7.
  • Users can convert crypto to fiat and withdraw funds on the platform and they can also convert fiat to crypto and withdraw the digital currencies to another wallet. 
  • OTC desk is available with good liquidity provision. 
  • Yellow Card supports fiat currencies including US Dollar, South African Rand, Nigerian Naira,  Zambian Kwacha, Botswana Pula, Ghanian Cedi, Kenyan and Tanzanian Shilling, and Central African Franc.
  • Fairly secure with robust KYC, multi-sig wallets, one-time Pins and authenticators.
  • Platform supports14 Languages, including 8 African Languages, 3 European Languages, Arabic and Mandarin.
  • Decent affiliate program.
  • Good reviews. 
Source: Google Play



Check out their guides for more on how to deposit funds on Yellow Card and trade.


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