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Wilder World Launches on Epic Games Store as The First ‘GTA of Web3’ Game

Wiami, Wilder World, March 28th, 2024, Chainwire Wilder World, a massively multiplayer online metaverse, is now available for wishlisting on

Wiami, Wilder World, March 28th, 2024, Chainwire

Wilder World, a massively multiplayer online metaverse, is now available for wishlisting on the Epic Games Store, a digital distribution platform launched by the studio behind Unreal Engine. Players will soon be invited to explore Wiami, a virtual city where ancient wisdom meets futuristic innovation. As a decentralized virtual world, Wilder World challenges players to defy the authoritarian FORUM and shape their destiny through defending Wiami. Experience the fusion of stunning visuals and rich storytelling in Wilder World, where your legacy begins. Wishlist Wilder World on the Epic Games Store and be the first to craft a new era of freedom and innovation.

Wilder World is a free-roam virtual world that begins in Wiami, a metaverse city to explore, race, socialize, and much more. With an order of magnitude more surface area than traditional MMOs, Wiami offers a rich environment for players to connect and enjoy a Web3-enabled gaming experience. Wilder World’s first experience, a competitive racing game set within the expansive landscape of Wiami, is currently in a alpha testing phase and scheduled for a broader release later in 2024.

In development since early 2021, Wilder World is a next-gen AAA game built on Unreal Engine. The game features the latest in photorealistic graphics and true in-game AI to offer a next-gen gaming experience, while enabling the full-scale economy. All items, equipment, land and avatars exist as tradable digital assets on the Wilder World marketplace, which players can own and earn real value by participating in the economy, trading equipment, winning races, exploring the world and more to come.

The listing on the Epic Games Store, one of the largest digital delivery platforms in the world with over 270M total users and 75M monthly active users as of December 2023, will boost visibility for Wilder World among active and dedicated PC gamers. Working with Epic Games is the perfect match for Wilder World, both because of the unrivaled quality of the Unreal Engine, and the strong alignment in ethos and values — given Epic Games’ strive to fight against aggressive middlemen.

“We’re honoured to be listed on the Epic Games store, setting the pace for next-gen gaming in the metaverse.” said Frank Wilder, Co-founder of Wilder World. “Our mission is to create a novel experience using cutting-edge technology, offering players a virtual space for gaming, socializing, and earning.”

Wilder World is for all, letting players across the entire world join in on the fun. Thanks to key partnerships including Nvidia’s GeForce Now and SuperVerse, Wilder World has expanded its reach to both Web2 and Web3 gamer communities. It has also chosen to focus on utmost scalability to power its massive world, working with Polygon and Celestia to build a custom, scalable blockchain to keep its fees low; as well as working with Metagravity to power virtual worlds with thousands of players.

About Wilder World

Wilder World is a massive multiplayer metaverse, launched in closed-alpha in December 2023 after 2.5 years of active development. As a free-roam metaverse, Wilder World leverages the latest in blockchain and AI to give a truly unique experience for players, while also enabling massive photorealistic environments. Wilder World focuses on creating a space in the metaverse for everyone, no matter their financial status, hardware or location. It has amassed a team of over 100 seasoned industry veterans to realize this vision.

Learn more about Wilder World on their website and stay up to date with the latest releases by following the X account and click here to wishlist Wilder World on the Epic Games Store


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