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WeSleep Unveils its ‘Sleepie’ NFTs

Vilnius, Lithuania, 4th November, 2022, Chainwire Web3 app WeSleep has launched with the promise of daily rewards for users who

Vilnius, Lithuania, 4th November, 2022, Chainwire

Web3 app WeSleep has launched with the promise of daily rewards for users who pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Dubbed a sleep-to-earn app, WeSleep utilizes clever tokenomics to incentivize positive behaviors.

WeSleep is a sleep-to-earn Web3 app that incentivizes users to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle on a daily basis.

• A Sleepie is a unique NFT that can be bought to allow rewards, in the form of $ZZZ tokens, to be passively generated while asleep. These tokens can be swapped to $BUSD using the in-app swap system. Or a user may choose to invest his earnings inside a staking pool to generate additional rewards.

• Users can augment their earnings by leveling up their Sleepies or their profile itself. To level up a profile, a certain amount of Moons will be required which can be collected by completing daily tasks such as “walk 1000 steps”. Additionally, leveling up a Sleepie can increase its attributes. Each Sleepie has different attributes such as “Luck – chance of getting a mystery box after sleep”.

• Several features have been implemented to incentivize a healthier lifestyle such as increased rewards for keeping a regular sleeping schedule throughout the week.

“Sleep plays a crucial role in an individual’s overall health and well-being. A lack of it can cause countless health problems. What we’re doing with WeSleep is encouraging people to track their sleep habits and earn rewards for getting enough rest” , said Vaibhav, Co-Founder of WeSleep 

In addition to physical fitness, WeSleep also focuses on improving a person’s mental health just as well.

Sleeping has numerous psychological benefits. But recent studies have now proven that adhering to a daily routine can significantly reduce procrastination and depression. For that reason, WeSleep aims to send their users daily tasks and surprise mystery boxes which can add to an entertaining, game-like experience.

Mystery boxes are NFTs that can include sleeping pills (another NFT), $ZZZ, and/or $WEZ. Once sleeping pills have been activated, the attribute of a Sleepie NFT can be temporarily or permanently boosted so that Sleepers can monetize their sleep more efficiently and make the most out of the dual token system.

And if a Sleeper is unwilling to use any of their three NFTs, there is an option to list the NFTs for sale on the internal NFT marketplace. Or instead of selling their NFTs on the marketplace, sleepers can also buy sleeping pills to improve attributes, Sleepies to increase sleeping rewards, and mystery boxes to unlock a new item.

These three core NFTs act as the engine behind the WeSleep P2E economy.

With creativity, users can devise sophisticated strategies that not only maximize sleeping rewards but also leverage the marketplace to its full extent. For example, a user may choose to have their Sleepies breed with one another and produce a new Sleepie NFT.

This Sleepie will help fill up and monetize all unused inventory slots. Using all these nuanced features, a player can potentially do a lot more than just sleep and earn.

Recently, WeSleep launched its Private Sale program and is currently accepting requests from investors who wish to be allotted governance tokens in the form of $WEZ.

“We have a lot of people on board to bring this project to fruition, a full development team including applications, smart contracts, backend and frontend, a TOP 7 NFT artist (Voted on Inspect), co-founders who successfully launched previous crypto projects as well as experienced advisors who are guiding WeSleep into the right direction. We’ve collaborated to bring something innovative and exciting to the forefront, ultimately providing people with a way to collect and earn rewards from something as simple as getting enough rest at night and following a healthy lifestyle. It’s a fun, distinctive opportunity that anyone can get involved in and experience firsthand”, said Povilas Motiejunas, Co-Founder of WeSleep

About WeSleep

WeSleep is a Web3 app with inbuilt Game-Fi elements rewarding users for their sleep time as well as healthy and active lifestyle on a daily basis, setting the foundation for an exciting Sleep to Earn approach.

As people continue to become increasingly health-conscious, WeSleep aims to place itself at the forefront of all health & lifestyle mobile apps.

For more information, visit:   

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Povilas Motiejunas
+370 686 45593


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