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Top U.S. Cryptocurrency Mining Stocks

Top 3 US Publicly Traded Crypto Mining Stocks 2023.

What are crypto mining stocks?

Crypto mining stocks are shares in companies that are involved in the process of mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets. Mining is the computational process by which transactions are verified and added to a blockchain, a public ledger. In return for providing this service, miners are awarded a certain number of newly minted cryptocurrency coins. Companies that specialize in crypto mining often have large data centers filled with specialized hardware to perform these complex computations.

Investing in crypto mining stocks gives you exposure to the cryptocurrency market without directly owning or managing any cryptocurrency yourself. These stocks can be a less volatile way to invest in the crypto space, as the companies involved often have diversified business models that may include data center operations, mining pool services, blockchain technology applications, and hardware or software development related to crypto mining.

Crypto mining stocks can be publicly traded on various stock exchanges, and their performance can be influenced by factors such as:

  1. Cryptocurrency Prices: The higher the value of the cryptocurrency being mined, the more profitable the mining operation.
  2. Technological Efficiency: Companies with more efficient hardware and software can mine more coins at a lower cost.
  3. Energy Costs: Mining consumes a lot of electricity, so companies with access to cheap, sustainable energy can have higher profit margins.
  4. Regulatory Environment: Legislation can impact where mining operations are located and how they operate, affecting overall profitability.

Popular crypto mining stocks often belong to companies that have a significant role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, offering services that go beyond just mining. These can include companies like Riot Platforms, Inc., Marathon Digital Holdings, and BIT Mining Limited, among others.

Top 3 Crypto Stocks

BIT Mining Limited (NYSE: BTCM)

Described as the world’s leading blockchain data service and mining pool solution provider, BIT Mining is a world leading publicly traded cryptocurrency mining enterprise with a  technology driven focus covering self-mining, data center operation, mining pool and miner manufacturing. BIT Mining Limited operates as a cryptocurrency mining company. The company operates through three segments: Mining Pool, Data Center, and Cryptocurrency Mining. It operates a cryptocurrency mining data center in Ohio with power capacity of 82.5 megawatts; and mining pool business, including the domain name and the cryptocurrency wallet of, as well as purchases and deploys bitcoin mining machines. The company was formerly known as Limited and changed its name to BIT Mining Limited in April 2021. BIT Mining Limited was founded in 2001 and is based in Akron, Ohio.


Riot Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQCM: RIOT)

Riot is dedicated to Bitcoin mining and aids the Bitcoin blockchain through its rapidly growing, large-scale mining activities in the United States. Their growth strategy emphasizes the elevation of their Bitcoin mining hash rate and infrastructural capability.


Riot Platforms, Inc. and its subsidiaries function as a bitcoin mining enterprise in North America, with operations spread across Bitcoin Mining, Data Center Hosting, and Engineering segments. The company offers co-location services to institutional-level bitcoin mining firms and provides the essential infrastructure and manpower required for these large-scale operations. Additionally, Riot is involved in the manufacturing of custom electrical products and power distribution equipment, while also offering services in electricity distribution product design and installation mainly aimed at large commercial and government clients. The company was originally known as Riot Blockchain, Inc. and was founded in 1998. It is headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. (NasdaqCM: MARA)

Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. is a technology company in the digital asset sphere, concentrating on blockchain ecosystems and the creation of digital assets within the United States. Formerly Marathon Patent Group, Inc., the company underwent a name change in February 2021. Established in 2010, its headquarters are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The company has control over every layer of the Bitcoin mining technology stack, from the mining pool (“MaraPool”) to the ASIC hardware. Through vertical integration of their technology, they aim to optimize efficiency, spur innovation, and streamline operational activities. Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. holds a substantial amount of bitcoin as part of its corporate treasury strategy, while also reinvesting in the commodity to further improve operations. The company consistently ranks as one of the largest bitcoin holders among publicly traded U.S. firms.


Marathon is also committed to making their operations more environmentally friendly by cutting down on scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, with the ultimate goal of achieving complete carbon neutrality. Although their mining operations are emission-free, they are actively working to source their energy needs from sustainable, non-carbon-based energy resources such as wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, and biofuel.


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