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Top Crypto Airdrops 2024

Top Highly Anticipated Crypto Airdrops.

The crypto landscape is continuously evolving, with several highly anticipated airdrops expected for 2024. These airdrops have garnered significant attention due to the potential rewards and the underlying technology of the projects involved. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the top crypto airdrops anticipated for 2024:

  1. ZKSync: ZKSync, a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, is expected to launch its native token accompanied by an airdrop. The project, with over $458 million in funding, has hinted at this development. The ZKSync ecosystem, valued at approximately $120 million in total value locked (TVL), is home to several high-quality decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and projects, enhancing its credibility and attractiveness for airdrop hunters​​.

  2. Starknet: Another major player in Ethereum’s Layer-2 landscape, StarkNet, developed by StarkWare, is poised to distribute its native STARK tokens. StarkWare has delayed the first unlocking of these tokens until April 2024. With a corporate valuation of $8 billion and an infrastructure TVL of $130 million, the potential rewards from Starknet’s airdrop could be substantial​​​​.

  3. LayerZero: As an interoperability protocol, LayerZero enables communication and asset transfers between Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains while maintaining security and decentralization. They have raised over $293 million in funding and have included references to the $ZRO token in their code, suggesting its current development. Although not officially confirmed, an airdrop from LayerZero is highly anticipated​​.

  4. MetaMask: Known for its popular wallet service with over 30 million monthly users, MetaMask is speculated to launch the $MASK token. Parent company Consensys, having raised $725 million, has fueled these rumors. The potential airdrop from MetaMask is among the top anticipated events in the crypto world​​.

  5. Linea: A project by Consensys, Linea is an EVM-compatible Layer 2 zero-knowledge solution. It has received significant funding and support, including integration into the MetaMask wallet. There have been subtle hints about a potential airdrop, although it has not been confirmed. Linea’s development and backing make it a noteworthy candidate for an airdrop in 2024​​.

  6. Base: An Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain developed by Coinbase, Base aims to enable developers to create on-chain applications efficiently. Despite Coinbase’s denial of any plans to introduce a native token, the crypto community speculates about the potential launch of a $BASE token, given the project’s success and Coinbase’s significant financial resources​​.

  7. Scroll and Fuel: Scroll, a highly anticipated Ethereum rollup, and Fuel, a significant modular execution layer, are also in the spotlight. Both projects have attracted attention due to their development progress and the growth of their ecosystems. These projects are expected to release their tokens and possibly conduct airdrops in 2024​​.

The anticipation surrounding these airdrops stems from the projects’ innovative technology, substantial funding, and the growth of their respective ecosystems. Potential participants in these airdrops are advised to stay informed and participate in the projects’ ecosystems to increase their chances of benefiting from the airdrops. However, it’s important to note that the crypto market is highly speculative and subject to fluctuations, so involvement should be approached with due diligence and awareness of the inherent risks.


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