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Top 7 Crypto Gaming Guilds

Popular Guilds in the Crypto Gaming Industry.

What are Crypto Gaming Guilds?

A gaming guild is a group of gamers who form a team to play video games together. Some guilds are more organized, and they enter and win competitions. But others are made up of friends who like playing the same video games. Crypto Gaming Guilds are similar. However, they focus on playing NFT blockchain games. NFT blockchain games allow players to trade in-game items for cryptocurrency, which is tradeable for real money. For this reason, monetization is a prominent aspect of Crypto Gaming Guilds. 

Benefits of joining a Crypto Gaming Guild 

Joining a Crypto Gaming Guild has many benefits. Firstly, Crypto Gaming Guilds are networking communities. They help players to upskill and advance in the games. Secondly, most blockchain games require expensive NFTs to play. Therefore, a lot of Crypto Gaming Guilds offer scholarship programs. Scholarship programs allow aspiring players to access NFTs via a rental system. Thirdly, successful crypto gaming guilds can form a decentralized organization (DAO) and create their tradeable cryptocurrency token. This article discusses the top 7 crypto guilds by market cap. 


Merit Circle (MC) 

Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with over 3750 active gamers in Africa, Asia, and South America. The guild focuses on growing the play-to-earn economy. 

It supports over 50 play-to-earn games, and the DAO has a 70/30 percent split. Out of everything a player earns using their in-game assets, Merit Circle keeps 30% of the profit, and the players keep the rest. MC is its native token and is available on major exchanges such as Binance,, and Huobi.


Yield Guild Games (YGG) 

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with over 30,000 active gaming scholars, mainly playing Axie Infinity. This guild coordinates play-to-earn gamers around the world and also invests in NFTs. It supports over 30 play-to-earn games. The DAO has a 70/30 percent split. YGG collects 10% of all revenues earned, with 70% going directly to scholars and the remaining 20% distributed to community managers. YGG is its native token and is available on major exchanges such as Binance,, and Huobi.

It’s worth mentioning that Yield Guild Games is the first P2E gaming guild and is one of the largest crypto gaming guilds on Discord, with over 80,000 members.


GuildFi (GF)

GuildFi is a metaverse gaming platform built on the Binance Smart Chain. It aims to bridge different play-to-earn games and existing guilds. In addition, it also lowers entry barriers with gaming scholarship offerings. GuildFi has 3,000 active gaming scholars and supports over 20 NFT games. The platform also has its own NFT marketplace. 

GuildFi has a 70/30 percent profit split. It collects 30% of all revenues, and 70% goes directly to scholars. GF is its native token and is available on major exchanges such as, and OKX.


Blockchain Space (GUILD)

BlockchainSpace is a hub for guild operators and managers. It provides tools to support play-to-earn communities. It is the first guild database – guilds can measure their performance scores and rank themselves against other guilds worldwide. BlockchainSpace also provides finance for players to grow and start their guilds. It allows gamers to concentrate on scaling and enhancing their performance. GUILD is its native token and is available for purchase on MEXC, Uniswap, and Pancake Swap.


Blackpool (BPT) 

BlackPool is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) dedicated to NFT gaming and trading. The guild manages NFTs and virtual land, which players can lease. The guild divides itself into Troops (or teams). Each Troop has a leader who is responsible for training and distributing rewards.

Blackpool currently supports 12 NFT games, including Aavegotchi, Axie Infinity, and Genopets. BPT is its native token and is available for purchase on  SushiSwap.


UNIX Gaming (UNIX) 

UNIX Gaming is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with over 5000 scholarship members. The guild supports over 30 NFT games, including Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Star Atlas, and Splinterlands. Each of these games has its subDAO, which contains individual assets. The DAO generates revenue through various methods, including Axie breeding, scholarship revenue, and NFT marketplace revenue. This guild’s native token is UNIX and is available on exchanges such as MEXC and Uniswap.


Avocado DAO (AVG) 

Avocado DAO is one of the most popular blockchain gaming guilds with a long-term goal of working consistently and passionately to empower and enhance a vibrant community of players and contributors. The guild has officially onboarded over 10,000 gaming scholars among six-game partnerships and funded 45 GameFi initiatives since its launch in late 2021. In addition, the guild has amassed a spectacular Discord community of 69,000 members. 

Avocado DAO is backed by well-known industry companies like #Hashed, MEXC Global, and many others. Aside from these impressive credentials, the team has set a goal to develop further growth tactics and a 20,000-scholarship management system.

AVG is the guild’s native token and is available on exchanges such as MEXC and Uniswap.


Play-to-earn options are transforming the gaming scene, and the guilds listed above have been at the frontline, presenting gamers with various opportunities. It is a great way to earn a living in the virtual space while minimizing some of the setbacks of the actual world. Crypto gaming seems to be in its infancy, and we can only speculate on what the future has in store for the gaming blockchain industry. 


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