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Top 5 Sports Fan Tokens

Popular Sports Digital Assets.

1) Flow (FLOW)

Flow was created by Dapper Labs which is also behind one of the very first NFT-based games, CryptoKitties. Backed by renowned investors such as Digital Currency Group, Andreessen Horowitz, and Union Square Ventures, Flow is a blockchain network that is ideal for gaming and social networking. It was launched to solve scalability issues and the problem of high transaction fees.


Designed as a payment method and a long-term reserve asset for the entire Flow economy, FLOW is the native currency which is required for network transactions on the Flow blockchain. The token also has other use cases including protocol governance and it is also utilised by developers, users and validators in the network. Some of the apps that are already live on Flow include NBA Topshot and some of the ecosystem partners include Ubisoft, NBA, Warner Music, and the UFC. 

FLOW tokens can be traded on exchanges such as Kraken, and Binance

2) Chiliz (CHZ)

On the Chiliz blockchain infrastructure is the sports fan engagement platform which uses the native digital currency CHZ. makes it possible for fans to buy branded fan tokens from popular sports teams such as Juventus, Atlético de Madrid, FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, AS Roma, Galatasaray, etc. The fan tokens enable holders to vote through a series of smart contracts that run on the Chiliz blockchain and also influence their teams and also gives them an opportunity to receive engagement-based team rewards. 

Source: is effectively a proof of concept since the Chiliz Chain environment is able to host and power mainstream user or fan-facing blockchain products in the real world, while also enabling scaling in order to support fans and brands.

Chiliz essentially enables sports & entertainment organisations by providing them with the blockchain-based tools that can assist them with bolstering engagement and monetizing their audiences. Each organisation in the sports arena that chooses to utilise Chiliz technology will be allocated a limited supply of fan tokens which are subsequently offered through what is referred to as an initial fan token offering (FTO). The tokens are then offered to the public on a first-come-first-serve basis and their opening price and fully diluted market cap is disclosed beforehand by Chiliz. 

CHZ tokens can be traded on exchanges like FTX, OKEx, Huobi and Binance

3) Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG) 

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club is a professional football club that is based in Paris, France. Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG) is issued through which is operated by Chiliz. The tokens can be traded on exchanges such as FTX, Binance and Upbit


Fan tokens such as PSG can give fans the opportunity to take part in some decisions made by the clubs e.g. selecting celebratory songs at matches or in the case of PSG recently, select an inspirational captain’s armband message in a poll held on the rewards and fan voting app Only holders of PSG fan tokens were allowed to vote and fans could buy PSG fan tokens in the Paris Saint-Germain fan token offering which was hello on Such fan tokens are meant to increase engagement. 

PSG tokens caught the mainstream media’s attention recently when it was reported that football or soccer star Lionel Messi had received some digital assets in the form of PSG tokens as part of his signing on fee at Paris St Germain. 

4) Manchester City Fan Token (CITY)

CITY is the ticker for the fan token of Manchester City Football Club. CITY is a token that gives fans a share of influence on decisions the football club makes through tokenization. Tokens can be purchased through the app where fans engage with teams. CITY tokens can be acquired using fiat currencies or buyers can swap CHZ tokens for CITY tokens.

CITY tokens enable fans to take part in team decisions that include things like choosing the design of the team’s bus. They also give fans access to exclusive fan experiences such as meet & greets that are offered as rewards to fans who interact on the engagement platforms using the tokens. Tokens make it possible for holders to unlock VIP rewards, have a stake in the club’s governance, have access to games, exclusive promotions, and special recognition. Manchester City fan tokens can also be found on exchanges like FTX. 

5) FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR)

Popular European football club Barcelona also has its own fan token BAR which was launched through The club issued a statement on its website announcing the launch of BAR and made it known that FC Barcelona fans could now  buy ‘Barça Fan Tokens’ ($BAR) which would enable them to participate in surveys and polls that are linked to the day to day activities of running the soccer team. 

Holders of BAR can also earn unique prizes and experiences. The tokens which were issued by Chiliz can be purchased via or on Holders of BAR have the opportunities to win special experiences such as meeting football players or  watch matches live as VIP guests, etc. This makes sports tokens unique in that they clearly have a clear value proposition in a multi-billion dollar industry. They also can be non-fungible tokens which are unique and could be more valued by fans. BAR tokens are currently available on exchanges such as Binance and FTX. 


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