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Top 5 Crypto Market Research Tools for Investors & Traders

Popular Crypto Market Research & Analysis Tools.

Cryptocurrency investments require accurate and timely insights. Whether a novice or a seasoned player, effective crypto research tools can be game-changers. They minimize risks and provide an edge in the volatile world of cryptocurrency. Here’s a look at the 5 best tools to optimise your crypto research endeavours.

1. Messari: The Comprehensive Data Aggregator

  • About: Messari is a rich data aggregator for cryptocurrency, helping users scrutinize charts for informed trading strategies and decisions.
  • Features: With a variety of filters like volatility, liquidity, and market cap, Messari’s screener is invaluable. Other features include a watchlist, research, and quarterly reports.
  • Pricing: The basic version is free. For an advanced experience, Messari Pro, priced at $99/month or $75/month (if paid annually), offers enhanced charting, data downloads, and in-depth research.

2. Glassnode: Delving into On-chain Data

  • About: Glassnode provides on-chain data and insights by capturing metrics from various blockchains to ensure accurate crypto network activity assessments.
  • Features: From exploring market indicators to setting alerts, and even downloading data, Glassnode offers a plethora of options.
  • Pricing: The platform provides free access to “Tier 1” daily updated data. For deeper insights, the subscription starts at $29/month, with an enterprise option available at a customized rate.

3. LunarCrush: Harnessing Social Intelligence

  • About: LunarCrush monitors social networks to assess investor sentiments, recognizing the power of social influence on cryptocurrency.
  • Features: Real-time insights into key influencers and tracking capabilities for coins and exchanges.
  • Pricing: Comprehensive features are available for LunarCrush Pro members, who stake 2,000 lnr on the platform, receiving real-time alerts, portfolio indicators, and an annual 5% yield on their holdings.

4. Coin Metrics: The Analytical Powerhouse

  • About: Coin Metrics offers a combination of financial intelligence, market data, and various analytical tools for astute crypto decisions.
  • Features: With the Network Data Pro plan, access is available to an extensive range of assets and metrics.
  • Pricing: For pricing details and API key access, an inquiry is required on their website.

5. Santiment: Predictive Crypto Analysis

  • About: Much like Glassnode, Santiment delivers data from on-chain sources, social media, and financial channels for nearly 2,000 cryptocurrencies.
  • Features: Fundamental insights, behavioral reports, and alert systems for spikes in social volume are the highlights.
  • Pricing: Essential metrics with a 30-day lag are free. The Pro version, at $44/month (annual billing), offers real-time data and comprehensive access. For developers, SanAPI starts from $149/month (annual billing) and offers extensive metrics, backtesting tools, and bot development options.

In conclusion, the dynamic world of cryptocurrency demands robust and diverse research tools. These platforms, with their unique features and pricing structures, cater to different needs and can be instrumental in guiding investment and trading decisions. Always ensure to delve deep into their offerings and choose the one that aligns best with your investment goals.


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