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Top 3 Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Tokens

Most Popular Crypto Tokens for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.

Spheroid Universe (SPH)

Spheroid Universe (SU) is a platform that is meant for developing and launching projects in Augmented Reality (AR). According to the SU, their platform utilises Spheroid AR Cloud OS and Spheroid Script programming language. The vision behind the project is to connect the AR world with the real world for different use cases including gaming, education, entertainment, and advertising. 

The Spheroid Universe is the world of planet Earth’s Extended Reality which is parceled out into plots called Spaces which are essentially ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These Spaces are not only digital assets but also intellectual property which means they are created, registered and protected in accordance with EU laws. The Spaces can be occupied by ads, images, references, or other content grouped into layers with the Space.

Source: Spheroid

The ownership of a Space is permanent and owners have the right to resell, lease, gift or use them as collateral. Space owners also receive profits from ads. 

The Spheroid ecosystem consists of Demiurge, which is a visually integrated development environment for programmers and designers. It makes it possible for collaborators to create digital worlds, populate and animate them. In the Space marketplace, users can buy and sell or trade Spaces on primary and secondary markets and also earn money on transactions. SPH tokens can be traded on Uniswap1inch, and LATOKEN.


VIBE is a blockchain-powered protocol for developers with a focus on the gaming and entertainment industries. The ecosystem is made up of VIBEHub which is a gaming and entertainment ecosystem that features a range of products including a virtual reality application. It’s claimed that users of VIBE should be able to play games, attend events or even go on virtual dates all in virtual reality on the VIBEHub application. 

VIBEHub also has a strong focus on developing augmented reality elements, however, the VIBEHub app can also be accessed without a VR or AR device. Users should be able to access a less immersive version of the platform through their browser making it a more inclusive ecosystem.

Source: VIBEHub

VIBEHub is said to capture performances and streams using Volumetric videos. The technology, according to VIBE, allows them to capture a hologram image of a performer for instance, in a live setting and place that performance in their own custom VIBEHub VR environments creating unique immersive VR experiences. Apparently users can watch their holograms on the Feel The VIBE mobile app which is available on iOS and Android app stores. In addition, the VIBEHub Virtual World also has VR support.

VIBE is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency that powers VIBEHub. It’s required for accessing content, attending events such as concerts or going on virtual dates. VIBENet is the private chain that makes instant atomic micro-transactions with no gas fees possible. Users can use ETH, BNB, NEO, and GAS to play games in the VIBEHub gaming ecosystem. Exchanges that have VIBE trading include Binance and HitBTC. 

Cappasity (CAPP)

Cappasity is described as a scalable platform for creating, embedding, and analyzing 3D and AR/VR content. It is seen as a solution for the interactive visualization of products in 3D, helping to create immersive shopping experiences for e-commerce.

Cappasity makes it possible for businesses to create and offer 3D/VR/AR experiences to enhance the online shopping experience by integrating it with an in-store experience. 

According to Cappasity, their solution is ideal for sophisticated e-commerce projects and it makes it possible to create a 3D and embed it into a store within minutes. 

Launched in 2018, Cappasity’s platform and 3D digitizing software is quite popular, serving more than 40 million views of 3D content each month. Cappasity was part of the Plug and Play Retail (Sunnyvale) Batch 7 accelerator, Lafayette Plug and Play accelerator, and LVMH’s programme La Maison des Startups. It was nominated by CB Insight as a top luxury tech company, and was included in the list of VR/AR leaders by Digi-Capital.

CAPP token is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency and can be traded on KuCoin exchange. According to the Whitepaper, CAPP tokens’ main utility is to facilitate the creation of digital licenses for content that is stored on the Cappasity platform or even on other partners’ platforms. Cappasity claims that the CAPP tokens are what enables them to encode copyrights in order to then store them in the blockchain, and without the token that process would not be possible. Cappasity also claims that it provides users with an API in order to validate copyrights or to enable data retrieval of specific bits of content.


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