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The QWAN Launch – A token for the global gaming industry

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, May 30th, 2023, Chainwire A decentralized token that will shape gaming as we know it today

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, May 30th, 2023, Chainwire

A decentralized token that will shape gaming as we know it today is going live on Ethereum blockchain on May 31st with the support of key Web3 leaders.

The QWAN, a gaming token enabling a decentralized economy for all gamers globally, is launching with the support of The QWAN Foundation and with Banger being onboarded to The QWAN Ecosystem as the first major gaming platform.

The QWAN is a native token for gaming platforms and an expanding ecosystem of related platforms, hubs, services, and communities. With its decentralized community-led governance model supported by The QWAN Foundation, The QWAN works as a shared currency to shape the future of the global gaming industry and culture through a unified economy. Third parties can integrate The QWAN as an open and permissionless digital token, increasing the appeal of any application or platform. 

Under the hood, The QWAN creates a unique gaming ecosystem that aims to empower gamers by rewarding their engagement in various gaming experiences. Through incentives and opportunities for ownership, The QWAN encourages gamers to discover rewards across ecosystems and involvement in community governance processes as part of their organic experience within their day-to-day gaming. 

Gamers can access various opportunities to earn, trade, own their digital assets, and have a say in the governance of the gaming ecosystem’s future at large. By engaging all stakeholders, The Qwan aims to shape the future of gaming from the bottom up versus the traditional top-down approach, unlocking value across all segments of the gaming industry.

The launch is supported by strategic guidance from partners such as Horizen Labs Ventures (HLV), which is the leading Web3 advisory and solutions provider, supporting some of the most prominent brands, protocols, and startups in the space. HLV’s proven track record includes names such as Yuga Labs, The Sandbox, Jam City, Dust Labs, Animoca Brands, and many others.

“We are excited about QWAN and its potential to positively impact and shape game economies, powering new utilities and a community-led governance that can appeal to existing Web2 gamers,” said Rohan Handa, Founding Member and SVP of Business Development at HLV. “With the gaming token being adopted and integrated by the Banger platform, we believe QWAN can onboard the next wave of users to Web3 and push the gaming industry forward.”

Banger, the gaming platform and marketplace, will be the first to adopt and integrate the QWAN token and support the vision of The QWAN Foundation. Given the open and permissionless nature of The QWAN, many more players in the gaming industry can be expected to onboard the ecosystem and announce the integration of the token. 

“We are thrilled for Banger to integrate The QWAN as its key gaming token and offer our gamers the opportunity to enhance their gaming experience. With The QWAN, our offering becomes very unique in the market and allows us to provide gamers with an experience that can’t be found elsewhere”, said Borja Villalobos, Banger CEO.

The Qwan (QWAN) will be listed on the 31st of May starting at 10:00 EST on a number of different exchanges, such as MEXC, AscendEX, or BTSE, amongst others, at a listing price of $0.15

For more information on QWAN and The QWAN Foundation, visit

About The QWAN 

The QWAN is a global gaming token offering decentralized community-led governance. It is designed to empower gamers and shape the future of the global gaming industry through its decentralization and community-led governance model. The QWAN’s unique structure allows for governance throughout The QWAN DAO along with spending opportunities and rewards across The QWAN Ecosystem, composed of gaming platforms, Web2 and Web3 games, and other industry players. As an open-source and permissionless digital token, The QWAN can be integrated into any platform, application, or game, catering to a passionate and growing community of gamers that knows no boundaries.


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