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SubQuery Network Launches First Decentralized RPCs for Polkadot and Kusama

Singapore City, Singapore, 11th June 2024, Chainwire

Singapore City, Singapore, June 11th, 2024, Chainwire

Web3 infrastructure provider SubQuery Network has announced the launch of two new RPCs for the Polkadot ecosystem. Available for Polkadot and Kusama, they are the first decentralized RPCs to be made available on the Substrate-based networks.

SubQuery provides web3 infrastructure for almost 200 networks. The SubQuery Network is a globally distributed network of decentralized indexers and RPC providers. These allow dapps to access fast and reliable blockchain data on demand without introducing centralized points of control. Teams building on Polkadot and Kusama can now utilize SubQuery’s decentralized RPC (Remote Procedure Call) nodes following their deployment.

SubQuery COO James Bayly said: “We are thrilled to be the first to provide decentralized RPCs for Polkadot on the SubQuery Network. Our node operators are already running RPCs and other nodes in multiple ecosystems, and, having emerged from the Polkadot ecosystem, we’re ideally placed to support Polkadot developers with their infrastructure.”

The Polkadot RPCs that have been deployed for the Polkadot relay chain and Kusama are operated by more than 30 independent Node Operators. The provision of decentralized RPCs is integral to enabling blockchain projects to operate efficiently and draw data from multiple sources.

RPCs are pivotal for communication between blockchain nodes and external entities, facilitating data retrieval, smart contract interactions, and transaction submissions. The availability of decentralized RPCs frees dapps from reliance on centralized middleware with the risks this entails. SubQuery Network’s decentralized RPCs facilitate secure and efficient web3 communication. This capability underpins the robust and transparent operations that are essential for the success of DePINs. 

SubQuery started out within the Polkadot ecosystem, releasing an indexer capable of connecting to its unique multi-chain architecture. It’s since expanded to incorporate hundreds of networks, making it a leading indexer of web3 data based on chain support.

About SubQuery

SubQuery has pioneered fast, flexible, and scalable infrastructure to power web3. SubQuery Network provides indexed data to the global community in an incentivized and verifiable way. Its infrastructure plays a critical part in helping web3 transition to an open, efficient and user-centric future.

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