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StarCard Sports Games Launches “Legends” Initiative for New World Football Alliance; Partners with Ashley Cole and Roberto Carlos

Boston, MA, 26th July, 2022, Chainwire StarCard Sports Games (SCSG), the creator of New World Football Alliance, a play-to-earn football

Boston, MA, 26th July, 2022, Chainwire

StarCard Sports Games (SCSG), the creator of New World Football Alliance, a play-to-earn football (soccer) video game marrying blockchain with social impact and environmental initiatives, announced today the launch of their Legends platform. This is a series of real-world and in-game partnerships between SCSG and some of the most iconic names in football history, including Ashley Cole and Roberto Carlos. These partnerships will be reflected in StarCard Sports Games’ new title, “New World Football Alliance,” as well as through the creation of NFTs and the curation of real-world events around the globe. 

SCSG is the first-of-its-kind social impact play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform, bridging the digital divide between real-life athletes at all levels and their digital avatars. SCSG’s data-driven platform aggregates real-world data from players’ human performances and utilizes that data to inform in-game performance. SCSG’s scalable and robust digital economy is built along the $ARC engine, which allows players to earn in-game currency, and “stake” their earnings, thus investing it for real-world rewards. SCSG’s platform is unifying professional, amateur, and youth athletes by tokenizing their identities as NFT-based avatars and allowing players to participate in an $ARC-backed NFT marketplace, translating to both real-life and in-game rewards, such as apparel, equipment, and other performance-boosting items. 

SCSG’s partnership with Ashley Cole and Roberto Carlos, household names in global football, means much more than simply having their likenesses scanned into a video game. The two Legends are among the greatest players in football history. Collectively, the duo boast over 230 appearances for their national teams, 6 World Cup tournament appearances, 9 domestic titles, and 4 UEFA Champions League titles. While gamers will be able to play against the Legends’ avatars in-game, they will also be able to attend live events, AMA’s, and acquire signed NFTs with matching physical products. “SCSG is the home of football Legends in the Metaverse, period,” said Steve Schechter, CEO of StarCard Sports Games. “We expect to have all of the greatest football players in history here, as our platform allows them to further interact with their fans in new ways and further monetize their likenesses, all within a social-impact focused video game. It’s a win-win.”

Roberto Carlos added, “I’m so excited to partner with StarCard Sports Games and to be a part of the ‘New World Football Alliance’ Metaverse and game. I can’t wait to engage with football fans and gamers in a whole new way. This isn’t just another game or another simple NFT project. SCSG is building the future of interactions between athletes, fans, and gamers. I’m also proud to support a mission-driven project that is putting social impact front and center.”

SCSG expects in the coming weeks and months to announce a full roster of Legends who will be included in the New World Football Alliance. Legend NFTs will be available for purchase on the ARC NFT Marketplace. SCSG will be launching its first NFT drop this Friday, July 29, 2022. The Palla Diamond Radar Ball has both digital and real-world utilities, including an in-person 2-day meet and greet event in London, England, where NFT holders will be able to interact with the Legends and attend an English Premier League match.

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About StarCard Sports Games (SCSG) 

SCSG is the first of its kind social impact play-to-earn gaming platform, that bridges the digital divide between real-life athletes at all levels and their digital avatars. It is a data-driven platform that brings real-world data from the players’ human performances into RPG and managerial strategy style play-to-earn games. We are building a scaleable robust digital economy that allows players and investors to earn while having fun. We do all of this while raising awareness about and driving revenue to some of the world’s leading environmental non-profit organizations.



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