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Serenity Shield and Digital Insights Announce Strategic Partnership

Singapore, Singapore, 2nd August, 2022, Chainwire Digital asset privacy protection specialist, Serenity Shield (SERSH LABS CORP) and Singapore-based Digital Insights

Singapore, Singapore, 2nd August, 2022, Chainwire

Digital asset privacy protection specialist, Serenity Shield (SERSH LABS CORP) and Singapore-based Digital Insights Ventures (DIV), a global leading digital assets consulting firm, today announced the signing and commencement of a significant, long-term partnership.

This landmark strategic collaboration encompasses all key business aspects, including on the economic, marketing and commercial fronts:

  • ·  DIV will provide long-term support to Serenity Shield in its future fundraisings, covering both private and public funding sources. DIV will also provide a methodology that will help Serenity Shield maintain a dual focus on value creation, both in traditional shareholder value sensibilities and in the digital marketplace. In addition, DIV will be looking to propagate the network effect within Serenity Shield’s community of users.
  • ·  DIV will support the proliferation of Serenity Shield’s proprietary technology and also enhance its service offering, namely the revolutionary non-custodial passkey security solution. In this regard, Serenity Shield is pleased to announce that the company is close to finalizing its minimum viable product (MVP) this summer.
  • ·  DIV will assist Serenity Shield in its broader communication and in its interactions with the ecosystem.

DIV Founder and Chairman, Krishna Ramachandra, noted : “I am delighted about this new partnership between Serenity Shield and DIV. We are confident it will be one of the most standout blockchain projects in the years to come, with an immediate relevancy and usability. This is a project that, from inception, has been visualized, brought together and rolled out by the community, for the community. It is certainly a robust and much needed solution in the digital asset space, opening up a new use case for NFTs. The problem that Serenity Shield aims to resolve is so relatable and real. We will be assimilating all of our stakeholder community into this.”

Rodolphe Seynat, Co-Founder of Serenity Shield, added: “This partnership is an extremely strong signal, especially in the current market context, that Serenity Shield has solid fundamentals and is well positioned for the future. Sustainable projects in the ecosystem are those that have a real vision and proven utility, and which are built on sound foundations and formidable partnerships.”


About Serenity Shield

Serenity Shield was established in 2021 as a result of identifying a glaring and as yet unaddressed need in the global cryptocurrency market for secure access to and transfer of ownership of digital wallets. Harnessing advances in cryptography and the private storage of blockchain data, it has designed a secure, non-custodial method to store and retrieve any kind of sensitive data, as well as automating the transmission of them to pre-designated beneficiaries, should the owner become unavailable because of untimely death or other unforeseen circumstances.


Serenity Shield

Candice Baudet

PR Head

About Digital Insights

Digital Insights Ventures (Digital Insights) is a thought-leading, global consulting firm in the digital assets space that provides ethical advice for businesses to embrace, assimilate and monetize digital assets. Boasting a deep bench of talent comprised of both crypto natives and traditional domain experts, the team at Digital Insights is led by a core team with a track record spanning 300 blockchain transactions through the last five years. The advice provided is lensed through a whole-business perspective where the blockchain solutions are designed to be symbiotic with clients’ core business model. Digital Insights believes in the importance of both the traditional-equity and digital-token stories. To this end, Digital Insights’ venture arm invests in select projects and also aids projects in raising any necessary funds, whilst also ensuring that the sources of such funding have been curated. Digital Insights aims for every project to benefit the community in some way, including sustainable ESG (environmental, social and governance) elements to drive projects and providing pro-bono services to select charities and foundations. In the same spirit of contributing to the community, Digital Insights has also developed a framework to launch project-centric social tokens, intended to help build out a project’s community through aligning interests, where the project and its community operate synergistically.

Digital Insights:


PR Head

  • Candice Baudet

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