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Roll1ng Thund3rz Unveils Web3War® v3.0: Pioneering the Future of Gaming with Skill2Earn Dynamics

Singapore, Singapore, February 29th, 2024, Chainwire In a monumental leap forward for the gaming industry, Roll1ng Thund3rz (RTz), the pioneering

Singapore, Singapore, February 29th, 2024, Chainwire

In a monumental leap forward for the gaming industry, Roll1ng Thund3rz (RTz), the pioneering Web3 gaming company, proudly announces the launch of Web3War® v3.0

This latest iteration introduces game-changing features, with Skill2Earn taking center stage in Season 1, accompanied by the Ranked Matches and an enticing Season Pass.

Skill-to-Earn: A Paradigm Shift in Gaming Dynamics

Web3War®’s version 3.0 is not merely an update; it’s a major transformative experience for gamers worldwide. The implementation of Skill2Earn in Season 1 empowers players to monetize their in-game prowess. The Season Pass, a cornerstone of this release, can be acquired by staking $FPS tokens, establishing a direct link between player achievements and real-world rewards.

Valentin Cobelea, CTO and co-founder of Roll1ng Thund3rz, emphasizes the significance of Skill2Earn: “We believe in creating a gaming ecosystem where players are not just participants but contributors. Skill2Earn is a testament to our commitment to rewarding the dedication, talent and skills of our gaming community, ushering in a new era of interactive and rewarding gameplay.”

Unlocking a World of Possibilities: Season 1 & Season Pass Unveiled

Elevating the gaming experience to unprecedented heights, Roll1ng Thund3rz introduces the Season Pass, an intricate tapestry of 25 items that promise to immerse players in a world of digital ownership. 

By staking $FPS tokens, players gain access to this treasure trove, a series of items spread across 25 levels that unfold with each match played by gaining also Season XP. Delving into this trove, 15 items take the form of coveted skin NFTs, transforming the appearance of in-game weaponry with unparalleled style and rarity. Importantly, the Season Pass extends an inclusive touch, offering 2 of the 15 premium skin NFTs to all players, even those without the pass. 

Players must embark on regular or ranked matches or both, earning Season XP with every move, to unlock each level and claim their piece of the coveted Season Pass bounty. This dynamic system not only rewards skill and dedication but also crafts a unique journey for players, where progression becomes a tangible and visually stunning testament to their prowess within the immersive world of Web3War®.

Ranked Matches as Team-Based Showdowns

Web3War® version 3.0 introduces Ranked Matches across the game’s 12 meticulously crafted maps, providing players with diverse environments for intense team-based competitions. Whether engaging in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 battles, participants can enter by paying a fixed access fee in $FPS tokens. The winning team claims an impressive 88% of the total access pool, adding a layer of competitiveness and stakes to every match; 2% being burned and the 10% going to RTz for development support.

Matt Dyer Reflects on The $FPS Token Listing 

Matt Dyer, the CEO of Roll1ng Thund3rz and Zilliqa blockchain, remarks on this highly important achievement: “The demand for $FPS tokens reflects the community’s confidence in Web3War®’s potential and the widespread adoption of blockchain gaming. Once more, we have demonstrated our unwavering commitment to fostering Web3 gaming adoption.”

FUS1ON Gaming Hub®: Revolutionizing Functionality and Web3War®’s Aesthetics

FUS1ON® Hub, the heart of the game’s digital marketplace, unveils a stellar update of its own. Boasting an extensive collection of more than 10000 new skin NFTs, FUS1ON Gaming Hub® takes customization to a whole new level, allowing players to express their individuality with unrivaled style. 

This update introduces a slew of features, including token swapping and seamless token transfers between player wallets. Navigating the Mark3t, FUS1ON Gaming Hub®’s marketplace for skin NFTs, has never been easier, thanks to the addition of Collections, ensuring a streamlined and immersive experience for all Web3War® enthusiasts. FUS1ON Gaming Hub® remains at the forefront of innovation, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality within the expansive universe of Web3War® – which can easily be reached not only on the Microsoft Store here, but also directly online at and

Charting the Future of Gaming

Roll1ng Thund3rz has not only elevated Web3War® to new heights but has also set the stage for the future of web3 gaming with this major release which also well impacted the FUS1ON Gaming Hub® with the additional layers of technologies and security. As Skill2Earn takes center stage, players become active participants in an ecosystem that values skill, competition, and community engagement. Web3War® v3.0 is more than a game; it’s a testament to the studio’s commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the gaming experience in its very own ecosystem.

As the gaming community eagerly dives into the immersive world of Web3War® v3.0 as a leading game in the FUS1ON Gaming Hub®, the collaboration of Skill2Earn mechanics, Season Pass incentives, and the strategic use of $FPS token underscores Roll1ng Thund3rz’s position as a pioneer in the rapidly evolving landscape of web3 gaming.

About Roll1ng Thund3rz 

Roll1ng Thund3rz is an integrated entertainment company that is part of the Zilliqa Group, building products for gamers, by gamers, using Web3 and blockchain technologies. With a focus on creating quality games and engaging experiences, Roll1ng Thund3rz is dedicated to advancing gaming by leveraging vanguard technologies to shape the future of the industry.

About Web3War®

Web3War® is the first-person shooter crafted by Roll1ng Thund3rz and secured by Zilliqa. W3W is a multiplayer, free-to-play, seasonal content-oriented FPS game that prioritizes fun and high-quality gameplay above all else.


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