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RelayX Exchange & NFT Marketplace Review

RelayX Review.

RelayX is led by CEO Jack Liu, who has been involved with Bitcoin since 2013 and was the Fmr CSO of OKCoin; MD & Head of Asia Trading at Circle, and Dir. Strategy at Kraken. The platform is available through web browser mobile apps (available as an IOS app through Test Flight) and it supports the Run token protocol as far as the tokens that users are able to hold or trade or transfer using the RelayX platform. 

RelayX also acts as a Bitcoin SV wallet, similar in some ways to other wallets such as Centbee. RelayX also offers the RelayX Card and a peer-to-peer NFT exchange which is good for low-fee NFT minting.



  • Simple to use and nice interface. RelayX is effectively a UI to the decentralised exchange which means RelayX has no control over the order book, custody, liquidity, trading, or settlement of the exchange.
  • Utilizes paymail which makes it easier to send or receive tokens to a desired address e.g. mine is
  • RelayX has some decent reviews on the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Offers a QR scanner for sweeping Zatoshi’s BSV giveaways.

  • The app displays Bitcoin SV and Run tokens (Jigs) balances on the wallet home screen.

  • Similar to Handcash, users are also able to explore other Bitcoin SV apps within the wallet including the Twetch, Streamanity, Tonic Pow, Dimley, Bitpic, Bitcoin Files, TDXP, Baemail, and other RelayX ecosystem offerings including the RelayX Exchange and RelayX Card. 

  • Users can buy Bitcoin SV with BTC, BCH, ETH, USD Coin, Tether (USDT), LTC, DOGE and other cryptos using RelayX’s OTC marketplace

  • RelayX offers Visa cards that users can top up by sending BSV to their personal handle and using the card for purchases anywhere that accepts Visa.

  • RelayX allows users to mint their own tokens easily and cheaply. 
  • RelayX Exchange is essentially a DeFi non-custodial exchange that enables its users to post sell orders of the tokens they own, without the funds leaving their possession, on to the public market of that token contract. The process is simple and straightforward such that when the requested amount is paid, the token and BSV are swapped instantly peer-to-peer between the users. For facilitating this process, RelayX takes a 0.3% fee for fungible tokens and 3% for non-fungible tokens. 

Minting an NFT or fungible token on RelayX is simple. Simply click on the ‘mint’ tab then choose whether you want to mint an NFT or fungible token. 


Complete all the requisite information required in the minting process.

Once all the details are populated you can go ahead and mint the NFT. 


Once the token has been minted, a user can then go ahead and create a trading market on the RelayX exchange for the NFT or fungible token that they have created. What’s convenient about using RelayX for minting is that the cost to mint is relatively more cost-effective than on other platforms using blockchain such as Ethereum for instance for minting. There are other cheap and even gasless minting platforms available, however, RelayX is still super attractive. 


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