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Popular Bitcoin Cash Payment Gateways & Merchant Solutions

Top Bitcoin Payment Gateways.

Crypto merchant solutions allow businesses to accept digital currency payments and offer customers more wide-ranging payment options. In today’s increasingly digitised world of commerce, it is almost imperative that merchants attract new customers, especially millennials who are tech savvy and more inclined to prefer digital currencies as payments methods. This is not only an opportunity to boost business opportunities and revenue but also make your business stand out and show that it is responsive to a fast-evolving world in which blockchain-based innovations are taking center stage. 


This Enterprise Payment Platform was developed to be an efficient non-custodial solution for scalability. With Anypay any person, business, merchant, or digital entrepreneur can elevate their business by building secure payments into any application, system, service or point of sale (POS) without risking their funds. 

Anypay’s WooCommerce Plugin makes it easy for e-commerce merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash within a couple of minutes. Say goodbye to tapping credit card numbers and risking losing your identity to scammers and forget dealing with fraud prevention. Download the plugin. You can also find the API documentation here


BitPay is a digital currency processor that enables merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash payments from customers. The company also provides customers with wallets and cards. BitPay was founded in 2011 to build powerful, enterprise-grade tools for crypto acceptance and spending. Bitpay offers a powerful API, 7 ready-made libraries, plugins for 22 e-commerce solutions, and instant integration into the world’s best e-commerce web services. 

The great thing about BitPay is that merchants can choose to be paid in fiat currency instead of Bitcoin Cash. If a merchant chooses such a setting, BitPay will accept Bitcoin Cash from online customers and then convert the transaction into real currency at a locked-in exchange rate. As a result, a business or merchant using BitPay can accept Bitcoin Cash from customers and still receive fiat in their account.


This is a decentralized and permissionless digital currency payment solution. With Blockonomics, merchants are able to transact online and accept Bitcoin Cash payments. Merchants are also able to invoice anonymously which is a great feature for those who prefer privacy. Blockonomics helps merchants track and accept crypto payments and they also enable entrepreneurs and Bitcoin while retaining their rights to full ownership of their funds.  No KYC documentation required to set up so that your online sales can be  deposited directly into your wallet. 

Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase Commerce is a platform that enables merchants anywhere in the world to accept cryptocurrency payments in a decentralized way. Coinbase Commerce is an enterprise digital payment service offered by cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service Coinbase, which allows merchants to accept payments in a variety of digital currencies, Bitcoin Cash. These payments are received directly into a merchant-controlled wallet. Coinbase Commerce accounts comprise on-chain payments, which removes the possibility of any fraudulent transactions. 

Coinbase Commerce integrates with a merchant’s checkout workflow or can be added as a payment option on the shopping portal. When a digital currency payment is made by a customer, it subsequently gets credited to the merchant’s Coinbase Commerce account and from there, it can then be transferred to a wallet of the merchant’s choosing. 

With Coinbase Commerce, merchants can go live in minutes and there are no fees to accept crypto. Merchants are able to convert or sell their crypto for cash or stable digital currencies such as USDC. With Coinbase businesses can tap into a global customer base without any middleman involved and transactions are irreversible which means no need to worry about chargebacks as is in the case of gateways such as Paypal. Coinbase Commerce is also integrated with WooCommerce and Shopify. 


A global provider of online cryptocurrency payment solutions, Gourl was founded in 2014 and is a payment platform where vendors and consumers can transact with each other. Their API is completely free open source on and there is no ID or bank account required. There are no monthly fees and transaction fees can be as low as 0%. With Gourl, you’re able to get Bitcoin Cash payments straight to your wallet and there’s also zero risk of chargebacks. 


Prompt allows merchants to access fast and secure low-fee transactions (less than 1 cent) without chargebacks. They handle payments 24/7 while your wallet can be entirely offline (cold storage). Setting up to receive Bitcoin Cash payments takes less than 1 minute. All you need to do as a merchant is simply register an account and copy their HTML into your website. They are currently developing a WordPress plugin to integrate their payment gateway into WooCommerce stores.


Rocketr is an all-in-one payment processing and e-commerce solution. The payments platform enables merchants to easily integrate digital currency payment methods such as Bitcoin Cash with traditional payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal. Using their tools you can easily accept multiple payment options on your website through their API, in-store with our Point-of-Sale app, or invoice clients directly through your Rocketr dashboard. Check out their API here

Merchants are able to begin accepting BCH in their businesses with the easy setup offers. All you need is an internet connection and devices required, for your cashier and customer screens. The the works on any devices with a web browser.

Businesses can receive BCH directly in their wallet of choice. uses your xPub (public key) to generate one address per order, and they have zero access to your private key so your funds remain safe in your wallet. The great thing is no one can see how much your business makes as is in the case of using a single address. Also your cashiers will not know your wallet balance and do not have access to funds in your wallet.


Paytomat describes itself as a complete payment platform for small-scale and large-scale businesses. They accept over 20 cryptocurrencies online and in commerce anywhere at any time regardless of the size of the business.

Paytomat is a decentralized system for cryptocurrency payments for e-commerce and POS. This solution can be described as an API that integrates into an existing merchant system without the need to purchase additional hardware or install third-party programs. It is compatible with most major operating systems and commercially available hardware.


Serves 60,000+ merchants globally. Offers real-time global payments and industry-low processing fees of only 0.5%. There’s reduced fraud risk with no chargebacks plus they offer fiat conversion options.


Bitcoin Point of Sale apps for Android and iOS allow Businesses to accept Bitcoin payments on a mobile device. Sell on outdoor locations or when on the move without impacting speed or performance. Application works as a virtual terminal and usability is simple, highly intuitive and quick for new staff to learn.


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