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Onramper – Turnkey Fiat-to-Crypto Onramp Solution

Onramper fiat-to-crypto onramp company profile.

What is Onramper? 

Onramper offers an innovative solution that consists of a widget and an API that makes it possible for entrepreneurs and businesses to allow their users to purchase crypto directly on a website or app. It is essentially a fiat-to-crypto gateway aggregator since the technology allows users to implement prominent gateways in a single solution. This makes it possible for businesses to achieve global coverage of supported countries, payment methods, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. What’s even better is that Onramper allows businesses to freely implement their own fees on every user transaction.

What are some of Onramper’s integrated fiat gateways?

At present, Onramper has integrations with payment gateways such as Moonpay, Coinify, Wyre, XanpoolUtorg, Mercuryo, Indacoin, etc. They have also announced upcoming integration with BTCDirect , Transak, and Ramp Network. An off-ramp solution that will allow users to sell crypto for fiat is also said to be in development. 


The Onramper Widget

Users can easily implement the Onramper widget on their app or wallet within minutes. This does away with the hustle of having to integrate multiple fiat gateways. The widget is also customizable and it is possible to automatically insert the user’s public key, and change the widget’s colours to match the aesthetics of the site or app. Onramper provides a production-ready API key and lets the user customize and integrate the widget. You can check the Github for more technicals on how the widget works. 

The Onramper API

To implement Onramper, you can connect to their API. This means that as a business you can effectively integrate Onramper in the manner best suited to your needs. It is more work to connect by API but this actually allows you to build your own UX/UI. Currently the Onramper team are also working on API wrappers. 

Fees on Onramper 

As a user, you are liable for fees for the conversion to your fiat gateway of choice. In addition, Onramper end-users also pay 1% of the transaction to Onramper. Despite this, Onramper claims that end-users pay less in fees when using their solution than when they don’t use it. They also promise to make sure that the lowest fee gateway is always made available for end-user transactions, which typically would save users far more than the 1% Onramper charges. Furthermore, Onramper claims to procure lower rates than normally charged by gateways. In most instances, Onramper’s fee is not actually added on top of the gateways’ fee. Users of Onramper can also add their own fees on top of every transaction. For this they will need to use a special API key provided by Onramper.


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