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OMAX Blockchain & Native Currency Guide 2024

OMAX COIN Review 2024.

What is Omax?

Omax Chain functions as a decentralized and open-source blockchain network, featuring its own cryptocurrency, $OMAX. It is a hub for various cryptocurrencies and enables the implementation of decentralized smart contracts.

Omax represents a Layer 1 blockchain platform that combines public blockchain transparency with the efficiency and security typical of private networks. It utilizes advanced blockchain technology and infrastructure to provide users with streamlined financial services.

Using a delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm in its open-source framework, Omax achieves fast transaction speeds, smooth interoperability, and enhanced cybersecurity. With the capability to process 100,000 transactions per second (TPS), the network supports scalable projects through interoperable smart contracts and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

What Makes Omax  Unique?

Omax Chain stands out as a Layer 1 blockchain that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), offering low gas fees and high throughput. This compatibility makes it a preferred choice for developers and financial institutions looking to develop applications.

Its integration with the e-commerce sector increases its utility, ensuring a more efficient experience for investors and businesses.

Omax Chain aims to overcome limitations seen in earlier blockchain networks, such as limited bandwidth, high fees, and poor developer experiences. It supports smart contracts, enabling developers to build applications and protocols on the blockchain.


OMAX COIN, also referred to as OMAX COIN, draws from best practices of global fiat currencies, making it user-friendly and highly functional. As a tradable utility payment coin, it is developed on the OMAX blockchain, adhering to established industry standards and protocols

OMAX COIN simplifies transactions and widens accessibility. Its decentralized nature allows for unrestricted international trading. OMAX COIN’s technology is instrumental in driving a financial revolution, enhancing global financial connectivity, empowerment, and accessibility. The coin is globally usable without borders, significantly impacting international payment fees. Unlike traditional international transfers that incur higher fees, international crypto transfers with OMAX COIN maintain the same cost as domestic transactions.

How to Buy or Trade $OMAX

OMAX can be acquired through various platforms, including MEXC, Bitmart, Lbank,, Coinsbit, as well as other centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Omaxswap.

To purchase $OMAX, go to a crypto exchange platform that supports $OMAX. In this demonstration, we’ll be using MEXC. 

Purchase and/or deposit USDT since you can easily find an OMAX/USDT pair on the spot/futures market. 

You can execute a limit, market or stop-limit buy or sell order.

How to Use Omax  Swap

First, add Omax Mainnet on the MetaMask app manually.


You can also first check if the networks are operational.

Now add the Omax mainnet to your web3 wallet e.g. MetaMask. 

Now connect your web3 wallet. 

Once you’ve connected your wallet, you can swap $OMAX for $WOMAX or vice versa. 


$WOMAX is the wrapped version of $OMAX – a tokenized version that is pegged to the value of the original coin and can be unwrapped at any point.


To track your transactions, use Omax Explorer. 

Omax Coin NFT

Omax Coin NFT represents a unique, transferable digital asset established on the blockchain with the aim of transforming the approach to charity collection through the introduction of these NFTs. The fundamental properties of NFTs grant them a distinct value, setting them apart from other asset types. These properties include proven uniqueness and indivisibility. Due to the transparent nature of the underlying code, the rarity and ownership of any specific token can be verified independently, eliminating the need for a trusted intermediary. 


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