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NFTFN Decentralized Order Book for Bluechip NFTs

NFTFN is a web3 fintech company focused on creating financial products leveraging NFTs.

What is NFTFN?

NFTFN stands out as a beacon of innovation in the NFT-Fi domain, offering more than just a marketplace; it positions itself as a pioneer, crafting new pathways within the digital asset landscape. The company’s ambition is to equip both traders and NFT aficionados with advanced tools, leveraging the capabilities of top-tier NFTs to transform the engagement with these assets.

Introducing their premier offering, SuperNova (SNV), NFTFN showcases its commitment to pioneering a progressive and inclusive trading environment. SuperNova is not merely a platform; it represents a new era in NFT trading, operating as a ground-breaking NFT floor-price perpetual decentralized exchange (DEX). This DEX meticulously integrates five elite NFT collections including BAYC, MAYC, Azuki, Doodles, and CloneX, which are cornerstones of the NFT realm, each bringing its distinct flair to create a robust, unified index.

Distinctive Features of NFTFN

  • The platform distinguishes itself by offering synthetic access to a selection of esteemed NFTs through derivatives and indices, enhancing market liquidity and simplifying the complexities tied to NFTs’ direct trading.
  • NFTFN aims to democratize access to premier NFT collections, allowing users to engage with the market via SuperNova without the need for direct NFT ownership, fostering broader participation and value extraction from the NFT landscape.
  • It presents the opportunity for substantial leverage, up to 10x, empowering traders to escalate their market engagement and potential returns, while also providing tools to manage risk effectively.
  • Emphasizing decentralization and transparency, NFTFN’s decentralized order book promotes direct trader interaction, fostering a fair, community-centric marketplace for accurate price discovery and trade execution.
  • The platform prioritizes user security and seamless interaction, striving to instill confidence in participants by exploring insurance solutions to safeguard assets and ensure transaction security, reinforcing its dedication to user protection and trust.

In essence, NFTFN is redefining the NFT trading experience, creating an ecosystem that not only facilitates transactions but also nurtures an informed, empowered, and secure community.

How to Trade NFT Perps on NFTFN

First, connect your web3 wallet. 

For this demonstration, we are using MetaMask. 

Make sure your wallet’s network is set to Polygon Mumbai (testnet). 

Read the terms and conditions and agree to proceed. 

Proceed with the wallet verification by signing a signature. 

Get some testnet MATIC & ETH to start using the platform. 

Request MATIC test tokens from the Polygon faucet.  


Now that you have some MATIC for gas fees, you can proceed to get some test ETH. 

Pay the gas fee with the MATIC you just requested from the faucet. 

And as simple as that you’ll have minted the test ETH to check out this amazing platform which will be on the mainnet soon. 

To trade, you need to now deposit the test ETH you minted into the NFTFN platform. 

Set your spending cap. 

Pay the gas fee. 

As easily as that now you have some ETH to trade with. Now you can proceed to executed your trade. Here we can to execute a Limit Order for example and wait for the order to fill. You can also execute a market order for instant settlement. NFTFN RoadmapThe roadmap highlights major objectives aimed at enhancing trading flexibility and diversification:

  • Introduction of Cross-Margin Support: The initiative will allow traders to use their margin across different trading pairs within the same market, increasing leverage possibilities while also amplifying risks.
  • Transition to On-Chain Order Matching: This move aims to decentralize the trading process, leveraging blockchain technology for secure, efficient, and transparent trade execution without centralized control.
  • Development of Multiple Financial Indexes: Tailored financial indexes will cater to different risk profiles, ranging from stable, low-risk blue-chip NFT indexes to high-risk, volatile ones for users seeking greater returns.
  • Integration with Real World Assets (RWAs): The plan includes tapping into the $330 trillion RWA market, leveraging tokenization to offer innovative financial products and capitalize on this sector’s growth potential.

Make sure to follow NFTFN on socials including X and Discord.  




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