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Momint Social Media NFT Marketplace Review

Momint NFT Platform Review.

Described as an easy on-ramp to the world of NFTs requiring no prior blockchain or crypto know-how to enter the ecosystem, Momint is essentially a platform that allows users to create or mint, sell and also purchase NFTs. Momint is aiming to prioritise quality over quantity which is why the platform only allows a user to make one post per week. Early adopters get 6 posts to begin with. Getting started on the platform is very easy. You can simply get started here. UK registered with its base in South Africa, Momint hosts South Africa’s Largest Quarterly NFT Auction. 


The project chose to use a proof-of-stake blockchain so that NFTs minted on their platform can be more eco-friendly.

Source: Momint


  • No crypto or crypto wallet is requisite to getting started on the Momint platform.
  • Users can upload interactive 3D files.
  • Creators can add exclusive unlockable content. 
  • Users can trade and transfer NFTs for free.
  • Momint offers customizable smart contracts.
  • The platform offers advanced royalty splits.
  • Momint takes 15% commission on the first sale to cover minting fees.
  • Users’ NFTs will be listed on the profile and people are able to follow the profiles, like and comment on the drop etc. They can also make offers on all of the editions.
  • Momint is available on all major app stores. The team recommended installing the Progressive Web Application (PWA) directly onto your device for quicker updates.
  • For withdrawals Momint transfers Ethereum into the user’s personal crypto wallet.
  • Momint makes it possible for collectors to tip what they can afford and also support their favourite creators.

2) Set title and description

3) Choose the number of editions, royalty splits, pricing, usage rights etc.

We decided to do an NFT video launch on Momint to test it out for myself, first hand and I must say the experience was surprisingly seamless. The drop is of a video recording from a studio session where the song Hodl Bag was created and written by Grey Jabesi (Hardcore Crypto) & Heath Muchena (Sir Squillionaire) and produced by Lee Global & Dominant One.

This is how the process went: 

First we had to create an account on Momint. 

Then we browsed around to see works of other creators we thought were intriguing. This introduces a social aspect, making the platform more interactive.

We didn’t need any funds to get started on the platform as you can see the wallet still has a zero balance. 

Let the minting of HODL Bag begin….

The rest of the process below was done on mobile on the iOS app. They also have an Android version. 

First we added a description. 

We uploaded the video file.

We set the price for 25 editions of the NFT at US$500 each. The royalty setting was set to 100% payable to Decentralised. Momint has flexible royalty splits. 

We chose the default licence for this drop and that gives the collector the right to resell for personal use. Creators can choose either of the 3 options available. 

Creators can incentivise potential buyers of the first edition by providing some extras. In this case, we intend to upload a link with a second video clip from the same session and add the link of the additional file. 

And just as simply as that the NFT minting process is initiated. 

As a creator, you can share news of your drop to generate interest and awareness. 

Momint is an easy to use, innovative platform doing something unique in the space by providing creators with a user-friendly platform that doesn’t require upfront fees to mint NFTs and have them available in the marketplace. 

For more go to the Momint official website:

Follow them on social media: Twitter 

Join their Discord channel

Check out the FAQs 


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