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MegaWord Deploying Land Gameplay on Boba Network

California, United States, 15th February, 2023, Chainwire SUMMARY: MegaWorld, one of the oldest blockchain games, has launched a game on

California, United States, 15th February, 2023, Chainwire


  • MegaWorld, one of the oldest blockchain games, has launched a game on Boba BNB L2 (BNB Chain Layer 2 optimistic rollup solution, built with Boba Network). 
  • Inside the MegaWorld game, players participate in creating a 3D virtual city, and it’s economy. 
  • Starting February 15, players will be able to construct all types of functional buildings, Points of Interest and Public Transport on land plots in the BNB City.

MegaWorld is set to be a game-changer in the MMO genre, offering players an immersive and truly engaging experience allowing them to construct and shape a unique player-owned virtual world, while also connecting with others from all around the globe to build a thriving community.

This year, MegaWorld is embarking on a grand journey, a quest to establish a new city! This new city is being built in a vast and intricate virtual world that uses Boba Network as L2 scalability solution.

This is no ordinary city, but a metropolis built on the foundation of strategy governed by the players themselves, where every land plot and building is a token minted on BNB Chain, with all the operations taking place on Boba Network.

The First Web3 Strategy Game

The first district in MegaWorld (formerly MegaCryptoPolis) was opened back in May 2018 on Ethereum blockchain. In the early days the game was just a simple 2D map. Players were able to purchase land plots, but there were no structures to be seen — the virtual world was nothing but an empty canvas, waiting for players to make their mark.

The first builders to arrive in MegaWorld were pioneers, the brave souls who saw the potential in this new virtual world. They quickly began accumulating land plots, building as much land as they could. They had a vision of what this city could become, and they were determined to be a part of it.

In 2019, MegaWorld has evolved into a fully-fledged 3D virtual city with complex Microeconomics. The players had to create something that is truly unique, and it was only the beginning. As the game progressed, players began to develop their unique strategies — some focused on acquiring adjacent fields of land, flipping buildings, maximizing production and constructing mega skyscrapers, while others chose to rent and build smaller, more efficient buildings.

At the end of 2022, MegaWorld announced its expansion to the BNB Chain. This new virtual city not only offered opportunities to explore and build on a large scale, but it also demonstrated:

  • The long-awaited Custom Buildings feature 
  • Gameplay mechanics, built with the new cohort of Free-To-Play players.

The new set of gameplay mechanics is built with Boba Network’s Hybrid Compute platform, which enables lightning-fast transactions and zero fees for players.

In the new MegaWorld city, the NFTs (the plots of land) are minted on the BNB chain; this is L1.

These NFTs are mirrored to Boba BNB L2, where players can enjoy cheaper & faster transactions than on L1. No worries – all the created tokens are still owned by the player.

Other in-game NFTs, such as cars, resources, citizens, buildings, etc.; are being minted and held on Boba BNB L2 solution

To improve the whole gaming experience and enhance the general user experience, MegaWorld will pay for the incurred fees on the Boba BNB L2 solution.

Construction Starts February 15

Starting February 15, 2023 players will be able to construct all types of functional buildings, Points of Interest and Public Transport on land plots in the BNB City. Starting Q1 2023 MegaWorld will launch cross-chain dependencies, producing materials on one chain required to construct buildings on other chains. 

For example, high level buildings in Ethereum city will ask for Concrete created exclusively from TRON and Plastic from BNB in order to be constructed and maintained. On the other side, BNB city buildings will require Steel from Ethereum and Concrete from TRON.

In order to facilitate cross-chain trading a new feature will be introduced to allow transfers between cities – an Airport will be opened to allow players to transfer selected materials and Citizens.



MegaWorld – massively multiplayer Web3 city builder strategy game with real economics running on smart contracts since 2018 (formerly MegaCryptoPolis). Players acquire land plots and construct buildings to produce Resources that are required by other buildings to operate that facilitate trading between players. Every game asset is mined in a form of an NFT and is provably owned by a player with every action in the game being a transaction verified on immutable ledger.



About Boba Network
Boba Network is an optimistic-based multichain layer-2 scaling solution that aims to unlock the potential of rollup technology and enable more flexible blockchain communication. The protocol is fully compatible with EVM-based tools and has already deployed multichain support for Avalanche, BNB, Moonbeam and Fantom, supporting lightning-fast transactions and fees anywhere from 40-100X less than the respective layer-1. Boba Network is powered by Hybrid Compute technology that brings the power of Web2 on-chain, with smarter smart contracts that allow developers to leverage off-chain compute and real-world data to deliver enriched experiences for decentralized applications.


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