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Making Passive Income With Crypto – Best Affiliate Programs

How to Make Passive Income With Crypto Affiliate Programs 2022.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Why Crypto Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate, referral, recommendation, peer-to-peer marketing programs are common strategies that companies utilise in order to more effectively gain user acquisition and growth. From legacy enterprises to tech startups – all acknowledge that referral and affiliate marketing are the most cost-effective growth strategies, especially when businesses are in the early phases of growth and do not have enormous ad budgets. So for crypto/blockchain companies, it’s no different. Referral and affiliate marketing programs are also at the centre of business development, brand development or market penetration strategies. 

With over 500 crypto exchanges, and hundreds more blockchain startups, infrastructure and service businesses all competing for customers in a market that is still in the early phases of accelerated growth, it is no surprise that the focus on affiliate and referral marketing is so strong. 


In addition, if we consider user adoption numbers for Bitcoin for example, and then compare those to the massive existing user bases of today’s web 2.0 internet giants such as Meta; it is easy to foresee that potentially billions of people will be onboarded into the crypto ecosystem over the next few years.

There is such a potential massive upside for early ecosystem participants as more and more people enter the crypto ecosystem. This is due mainly to the fact that early adopters and promoters are typically rewarded through different incentives including referral and affiliate programs which are great, for not only passive income generation, but also as effective digital asset acquisition strategies.


According to a new research report from Ripple, there are high expectations within institutions for wide scale adoption and impact of blockchain technology & crypto. The findings are based on primary research conducted globally surveying 800+ finance leaders in financial institutions and 800 finance leaders in enterprises across 22 countries.

Cypto startups devise attractive crypto referral and affiliate programs that help them gain market share and put themselves at a competitive advantage as the industry continues to grow and mature. But don’t get it twisted, not only entities stand to gain. Individual content creators, marketers, influencers, promoters, crypto evangelists and educators all stand to benefit massively from crypto affiliate marketing programs. It’s as simple as spreading the word about the product and service you want to promote as an affiliate, genuinely sharing unbiased feedback and recommending others to try out the product or service. 

The Power of Crypto Affiliate/Referral Marketing 

According to a study by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), 79% of brands see the need to increase their investment in online recommendation marketing & referral marketing impressions are reported to drive sales 5x greater than the equivalent number of paid impressions.

Examples of Crypto Referral/Affiliate Programs

Key differences between affiliate and referral marketing?

  • Referral Marketing focuses on third-party brand advocates driving customers to your business for a flat fee. 
  • Affiliate Marketing focuses on rewarding your existing customers when they invite others in their social networks to try out a product or service.

Case Study: Turning digital asset buyers & sellers into brand evangelists

BTSE: BTSE offers a referral program with unlimited commission levels and is valid for a lifetime. What’s great about BTSE is that users are also able to earn a commission, not only by introducing their friends to the platform, but also through their friends’ friends, and their friends’ friends. The referral program has multi-level tiers and there is no limit to a user’s referral levels. With BTSE, referees can enjoy trading discounts that include a 30-day discount on trading fees, including trades on spot and futures markets. 

Coinstore: a commission rebate of up to 60%, from the transaction fees of your invitees. 

Remitano: you get 40% commission immediately when your friends sign up and buy coins through your referral link. Additionally, when your friends refer others to trade on Remitano, you will earn another 10% commission.

Binance: get rewarded up to 40% commission for every friend you refer to the exchange.

Should You Join Crypto Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs are typically free to join. All a user is required to do is register on a platform to gain access to a unique referral link, which can then be shared with others via social media, messaging apps, blogs, websites, forums and many other platforms and channels. 


If you’re looking to get started with your crypto affiliate marketing journey and potentially earn unlimited passive income, I recommend starting with crypto exchange: BTSE. Sign up:

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