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Laser – A Pioneering Lending Protocol on the Blast Network

Introducing Laser: A Revolutionary Lending Protocol on the Blast Network.

Laser stands out as the first-of-its-kind lending protocol built on the Blast network. It aims to reshape the DeFi landscape by seamlessly merging the well-established and dependable architecture of the Compound V2 model with groundbreaking features, meticulously designed for the modern crypto market. Let’s delve deeper into its core components, functionalities, and strategic roadmap.

Foundation and Flexibility

  • Core Architecture: The protocol utilizes the battle-tested Compound V2 framework as its foundation. This established model provides a secure and efficient platform for lending and borrowing within the decentralized finance landscape.
  • LST Support: The protocol offers support for LST tokens from day one, demonstrating its commitment to adaptability and the potential for immediate integration of specific tokens or lending strategies.

Innovative Functionalities

  • Futures Platform: This platform allows users to engage in futures trading by taking long or short positions. This feature caters to diverse trading strategies and risk tolerance levels, significantly expanding the protocol’s appeal.
  • AI-powered Farming: The protocol implements an AI-driven farming strategy that leverages proprietary technology for hedging through its futures platform. This approach, in collaboration with top-tier Blast DEXs, aims to optimize user returns by dynamically adapting to market conditions.
  • Asset Looping: The protocol offers asset looping, a strategy that potentially enhances user returns through repeated investment and reinvestment cycles, showcasing its commitment to providing advanced DeFi strategies.

Engaging the User Base

  • Target Audience: The protocol primarily focuses on users who participated in the BLUR airdrop and those with deposits on the Blast L2. This targeted approach aims to capture an engaged user base with a potential interest in the protocol’s offerings.
  • Referral and Points System: Inspired by Blast’s model, the protocol implements a system that rewards users for referrals and engagement, fostering community growth and incentivizing participation through a gamified experience.

Development Roadmap

  • Pre-dApp Phase: This phase involves eligibility checks for whitelisted users and the introduction of the referral system, laying the groundwork for community building and initial user engagement.
  • Testnet dApp Phase: This phase focuses on user interaction through activities like quests and quizzes, dApp testing for feedback and improvement, and the implementation of points and referrals to enhance user experience and platform testing.
  • Mainnet dApp Phase: This phase plans to introduce a lending and borrowing model, allowing users to participate in lending, borrowing, and earning points. This enriches the user experience by introducing more complex financial transactions and incentives.

Strategic Vision

The project’s vision is clear: leverage established DeFi models while introducing innovative features that cater to the evolving needs of the cryptocurrency market. By focusing on a specific segment of the crypto community and employing a phased development approach, the protocol aims to ensure a robust and user-friendly platform that meets current DeFi standards and sets new benchmarks for innovation, security, and user engagement in the lending space.

Community First: Secure Your Points Now!

Pre-dApp is live! Don’t miss out on securing your early points.

Congratulations BLUR and Blast L2 contributors!

A snapshot captured 209,930 unique wallet addresses. Check now to see if you’re one of them!


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Claimed the $BLUR airdrop
  • Deposited into BLAST L2 (before testnet and Bing Bang announcements)

Points Calculation:

  • 1 Deposited ETH – 2500 points
  • 1 Deposited stablecoin – 1 point
  • 1 Claimed $BLUR token – 0.5 point

Total points will be linked to your address, Twitter, and Discord accounts.


  • Early Access: Secure rare early spots and gain first points during the limited-time pre-dApp phase.

Connect your wallet.

After connecting your wallet, sign a message. 

Connect your X account. 

Join the Discord. 

Now you can check your eligibility.

  • Not Eligible? No Problem!
    • Spread the Word: Invite eligible friends using your unique referral link.
    • Earn Rewards: As an affiliate, earn 10% of points from direct referrals and 1% from indirect referrals.

What’s Next?

After the pre-dApp phase closes, they will announce and release the testnet dApp. Play around with test funds and get rewarded for active participation! ️

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