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Kuna Crypto Exchange Review

Guide to Kuna Digital Asset Platform.

Registered and operating under the laws of the British Virgin Islands but based in the Ukraine, is a crypto exchange that accepts the Ukrainian fiat currency Hryvnia (UAH). A smaller exchange compared to other exchanges with a presence in Europe such as Bitpanda,, eToro, Luno, or Bitstamp. Kuno also operates Kunawallet which is registered in Estonia and Kuna Fintech Limited operating in the UK. In order to trade on Kuna users need to register an account and then deposit their crypto assets. 

Kuna has cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Chainlink (LINK), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), XRP, TRX, BNB,USDT, XLM, and more and there are markets for USD, UAH, RUB, BTC and more with dozens of market pairs.



  • Access to all exchange features through the mobile app available on iOS & Android.
  • Great referral program, users can receive up to 75% commission on their referrals. 
  • Kuna has an exchange token called KUN which was released on the WAVES blockchain and which can be utilised for paying for PRO-accounts which give users access to higher limits and even zero commission for maker-deals (0% instead of the 0.25% standard rate) and lower commission on taker-orders as well (down to 0.125% from the 0.25% standard rate). KUN tokens can also be used by projects looking to list their coins on the Kuna exchange. 
  • Favourable reviews. 


  • Low volume exchange.
  • Ideal for Ukraine-based traders but not so convenient for people in other regions due to a lack of wider support for other fiat pairs. 

My Kuna


This service makes it possible for users to instantly top up their balances without hidden fees and with no registration. Users can also use it to split bills or collect donations and you don’t even need to have an account with Kuna to get started since all you need is the user ID in order to send funds, set up invoices, or donate. 

Kuna Pay

Essentially a platform for processing digital currencies and fiat payments, Kuna Pay allows fast and easy integration and makes it possible to connect to multiple payment services. 


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