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JediSwap DEX on Starknet Review

How to Use Jediswap AMM on Staknet.

What is JediSwap?

JediSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that operates as an automated market maker (AMM) on Starknet, which is a validity rollup platform based on Ethereum.

The operation and leadership of JediSwap are entirely in the hands of the Mesh Community, a collective united by their commitment to transparency and universal access. Members of the Mesh Community engage in cooperative activities, sharing knowledge, and generating earnings as a group. Diverse independent contributors offer their skills in areas like development, community engagement, research, product innovation, and growth strategies to support the Mesh community.

JediSwap has been operational on the Starknet mainnet since November 30th, 2022. In a relatively brief span, it has emerged as the leading protocol on Starknet, distinguished by its total value locked (TVL), trading volume, and several other blockchain-based indicators. Furthermore, JediSwap holds the distinction of being the most supported project in terms of unique donor numbers on Gitcoin grants.

How to Use JediSwap on Starknet

To get started, go to an connect your Starknet compatible web3 wallet such as Braavos or Argent

Make sure you understand the risk of using new protocols especially those with unaudited smart contracts

Choose whether you wish to swap or explore the liquidity pool feature etc. In this example, we will be using the swap feature to swap digital assets using Starknet. 

Connect the DApp to your web3 wallet. 

Here we choose to swap a little bit of ETH for USDC. You can see the quote price and slippage etc. which is great. 

Confirm the swap. 

Wait for your transaction to be confirmed. 

Approve the smart contract interaction with your wallet. Here we are using Braavos. 

Once your transaction is submitted, you’ll be able to verify the transaction on StarkScan. 

How to Add Liquidity on JediSwap

Confirm the pairs you wish to supply liquidity with. In this example, we are supplying ETH and USDC. 

Once you sign the transaction and pay the gas fee, your liquidity will be supplied to the pools. You can also supply single-sided assets using the Zap feature.

Using dexes such as JediSwap not only gives you the opportunity to swap digital assets with very low fees utilising layer 2 networks such as Starknet but it may also increase your chances of earning potential airdrops especially the highly anticipated Starknet airdrop.  


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