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iCE3 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Review

iCE3 digital asset trading platform review.

UPDATE: ICE3X, also known as iceCUBED, was a centralized cryptocurrency exchange company in South Africa. That was established in December 2013, and was one of SA’s oldest crypto-currency exchanges. It is now in liquidation. Find out more here.


This exchange operates in South Africa and Nigeria and allows users to trade cryptos using the Rand or Naira. This crypto exchange is reasonably popular, especially in South Africa. iCE3 provides advanced orders, different trading interfaces, and real-time charts. 

Moreover, iCE3 users can receive incentives in the form of promotional offers and other discounts, coupled with a profitable affiliate system. This exchange also has a reliable system that verifies and allows you to buy and withdraw funds through your registered mobile number.

iCE3 is registered in South Africa, and it also has an office there, in Klerksdorp. The exchange was founded by Gareth Grobler, who had been involved with the setting up of other exchanges in the past.

iCE3 Overview

This platform currently supports two fiat currencies mentioned in the introduction and 12 cryptocurrencies. the supported countries are South Africa, United Kingdom, and Nigeria, and the accepted payment method is bank transfer.

iCE3 Trading Platform

Has 3 distinct interfaces: quick buy, classic, trade view options. The quick buy option enables you to buy cryptos directly using the rand or Naira. The classic and trade options take the form of the usual exchange interfaces.

The classic mode is less complicated as compared to the trade mode, which is more advanced. iCE3 supports other advanced order types such as market, limit, stop loss, and trailing stops. 

Bull/bear trading demo

Trading is a high-risk venture, and that’s why iCE3 offers a demo that guides you on how to trade. Through the bull/bear demo, you will learn how to trade cryptos without using real funds.

Affiliate program

Icecubed offers you up to 25% in affiliate rewards. Note that affiliate payments are instant, and if you wish, you can immediately transfer them from your wallet


This feature allows you to send cryptos to other users within the exchange for free. An online voucher that can be redeemed in the platform is created. Verified members can issue and redeem a bitVoucha.

Exchange fees

The fees are based on personal preferences and trade volume. The fees range from 0-0.5% and depends on how much crypto one has traded in the past.

  • 0-0.99 BTC: 0.5%
  • 1-99 BTC: 0.35%
  • 100 BTC+: 0.25%

This exchange does not charge any fees for deposits but takes 0.33% for fiat withdrawals and 0.5% for crypto withdrawals.

Verification and withdrawal limits

This exchange allows you to trade by verifying using your mobile number.

  • Individual level 1: SMS verification that allows you up to 0.014 BTC worth of withdrawals per month.
  • Individual level 2: ID verification that guarantees unlimited withdrawals.

Customer support

iCE3 has effective and reliable customer support. You can contact the team through their help page on the website, Twitter, or Telegram.

Closing Remarks

This is one of the oldest crypto exchanges in South Africa and it has proven to be transparent. Furthermore, it has well-known community members in South Africa. Since its inception, it has not recorded any hacks. You can protect your funds using the 2FA.


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