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How to Use XY Finance for Cross-chain Swaps & Bridging

XY Finance Step-by-step Tutorial – Cross-chain Aggregator for DEXes & Bridges.

What is XY Finance?

XY Finance is an interoperability protocol for cross-chain activities, integrating various bridges to facilitate effortless and boundary-free swapping with a single click. It offers users the best cross-chain solutions with optimal routing, encompassing a wide range of tokens and enabling rapid transfers. For developers, XY Finance provides advanced tools like cross-chain API, a widget, and an xAsset token bridge, enhancing their project’s reach across all EVM-compatible chains.

Currently, XY Finance supports a total of 18 chains, including BASE, zkSync Era, Linea, Polygon zkEVM, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, BSC, Polygon, Cronos, Fantom, ThunderCore, Avalanche, KCC, Astar, Moonriver, Klaytn, and Numbers.

With 70K Monthly Active Users (MAU), XY Finance has gained the trust of over 100 partners. These include Rubic, Rango, Era Name Services, SyncSwap, DoveSwap, MantisSwap, Bolide, Mojitoswap, Hyfen Pay, Numbers Protocol, Eterna Exchange, among others.

How to use XY Bridge

First, connect your web3 wallet

For this tutorial, we are going to use MetaMask. 

Once connected, you can choose which blockchain networks you’ll be bridging to and from. In this example, we’ll be bridging ETH from Scroll to zkSync. We are strategically choosing these two chains in hopes that using them may earn us a potential future airdrop from either or both blockchain ecosystems. 

Using layer 2 networks such as Scroll or zkSync allows you to process micro-transactions with very low gas fees which would not be possible on many layer 1 networks e.g. Ethereum. 

Once you pay the gas fee, your transaction will be processed. 

Once the transaction is completed, it will reflect on the dashboard. 

You can also verify the transaction status using ScrollScan block explorer. 


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