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How to Use Interport for Cross-chain Swaps

How to get zkSync airdrop using Interport.

What is Interport?

Interport is a decentralized exchange platform that enables users to carry out Interchain swaps (cross-chain swaps), ensuring the most favorable rates through cross-chain liquidity aggregation contracts. These contracts integrate with over 250 decentralized exchanges (dexes) and liquidity sources to secure the best price. The protocol employs cross-chain messaging to interact with contracts across various chains, assembling the transaction and guaranteeing users the precise amount of tokens they will receive on a different chain.

Interport facilitates any kind of swap while sourcing the most advantageous rate for transactions. It consolidates over 250 diverse sources, including liquidity pools, dexes, price feeds, and aggregators such as 1inch and 0x. Interport is designed to ensure users receive the best rate available on the network, taking into account factors like price impacts and slippage.

Should there be insufficient concentrated liquidity for a particular token, Interport is capable of executing a partial swap across various sources, consolidating these into a single transaction.

How to execute a cross-chain swap using Interport

First, connect your web3 wallet

In this example, we’ll be using MetaMask wallet. 

The asset we will be swapping is Ethereum from zkSync to Arbitrum network. 

You are able to clearly see the gas, slippage, and swap fees; in addition to information on which router was used for the transaction. 


Confirm the swap. 

Confirm the gas fee. 

Once the gas fee has been paid, you can then proceed to get your transaction processed.

You can clearly see on your dashboard once your transaction has been processed. 

You can also verify the transaction on the Interport Explorer.

Performing such simple steps can be a way to earn potential airdrops from blockchain networks such as zkSync, an Ethereum layer 2 solution.  


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