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How to Earn Profit Using YFX Decentralized Exchange

How to Maximise Gains w/ YFX DEX.

In the design of YFX V4, community participants such as Traders, Makers, Inviters, and YFX Holders can all profit in YFX. Users can earn profits in the following ways, with all earnings settled on-chain.

Be a Trader: Profit through Perpetual Trading

YFX offers perpetual contract trading with up to 200x leverage and the lowest fees at 0.03%, with a maintenance margin rate of 0.025%. This allows for rapid profit amplification at the lowest transaction costs, enabling up to 2x profits even with just a 1% market fluctuation. [Trade Now]

Be a Maker: Profit by Providing YLP

By adding liquidity to YFX and obtaining YLP, users can profit from all user trading losses, partial funding fees, 30% of transaction fees, and a portion of mining rewards. [Provide Liquidity]

Be an Inviter: Earn Up to 70% Fee Rebate by Inviting Others to Trade

YFX offers real-time fee rebates, instantly credited to your wallet. The larger the invitee’s trading volume, the higher the inviter’s level can upgrade, with a maximum rebate of 75% and a 20% discount. Currently, the platform is open for applications. You can directly apply for a Tier 7 rebate code, earning a 70% rebate and a 20% fee discount. [Apply Now]

Be a YFX Holder: Earn 30% of the Platform’s Profits through Staking YFX

By holding and staking YFX in the contract, you can earn 30% of the platform’s WETH fees. The distribution is as follows:

  • YFX Staker: 30%
  • YLP Holder: 30%
  • YFX Locker: 10%
  • Buyback and Burn Fund: 30%

Be a UniSwap LP Maker: Earn 0.3% Fee Profit by Adding Liquidity to YLP/ETH

By providing liquidity for the YFX/ETH trading pair on UniSwap, you can earn 0.3% of each transaction amount as a fee and participate in UniSwap LP staking mining.

Be a Miner: Earn Profits through Earning System

YFX V4 introduces YFX Staking, Position Mining, Trade Mining, YLP Mining, UniSwap LP Mining, and more. All participants can mine with tokens to earn platform tokens YFX or WETH.


YFX V4 is a well-designed protocol where all community participants will receive their rightful earnings. The community is encouraged to actively participate in building YFX and to earn their respective profits.


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