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How to Claim Arbitrum Ecosystem Token ($ARB) : Step-by-step Guide

How to Claim $ARB Token Step-by-step.

Arbitrum is a technology suite designed to scale Ethereum. You can use Arbitrum chains to do all things you do on Ethereum — use Web3 apps, deploy smart contracts, etc., but your transactions will be cheaper and faster. Their flagship product — Arbitrum Rollup — is an Optimistic rollup protocol that inherits Ethereum-level security.

Arbitrum offers multiple chains that can run in parallel. Currently, on Ethereum mainnet, there are 2 Arbitrum chains: one Arbitrum Rollup chain, called Arbitrum One, and one AnyTrust chain, called Nova. Users and developers can pick whatever suits their security or transaction cost needs.

Why Arbitrum?

  • Arbitrum Rollup and Arbitrum AnyTrust are protocols that make Ethereum transactions faster and cheaper. Developers use Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova, the chains that implement these protocols, respectively, to build user-friendly decentralized apps.
  • The distribution of the $ARB governance token decentralizes governance of these protocols and their respective chains, as well as any future chains the Arbitrum DAO authorizes.
  • $ARB tokens can be used to vote on Arbitrum DAO governance proposals, allowing $ARB holders to shape Arbitrum’s future together.
  • Token holders will be able to delegate their voting power to delegates.
  • To determine your airdrop eligibility, connect your wallet to the Arbitrum One network on and follow the prompts. Claiming is live from March 23rd.
  • Those who wish to become an Arbitrum DAO delegate were supposed to submit their application before March 22nd at 12PM ET to ensure that airdrop recipients will be able to select them as a delegates when claiming their tokens.
  • To build decentralized apps on Arbitrum, check out the developer docs.

How to Claim $ARB Tokens Step-by-step

To qualify for the $ARB airdrop, users need to meet at least 3 of the six criteria based on a snapshot taken on 6th February 2023.

Eligibility criteria

  • Bridge to Arbitrum

    Bridged assets into Arbitrum One or Arbitrum Nova.

  • Transactions Over Time

    Conduct transactions at least 2 months prior to the snapshot taken in February. The longer the timeframe, the more tokens you will receive.

  • Transaction Frequency and Interaction

    Conduct more than 4 transactions or interact with more than 4 smart contracts. The higher the number, the more tokens you will receive.

  • Transaction Value

    Conduct transactions with more than $10,000 in aggregate value. The higher the value, the more tokens you will receive.

  • Assets Bridged to Arbitrum One

    Deposit more than $10,000 worth of assets to Arbitrum One. The more assets you deposit, the more tokens you will receive.

  • Activity on Arbitrum Nova

    Conduct more than 3 transactions on Arbitrum Nova. The more transactions are carried out, the more tokens you will receive.

According to Nansen, 625,143 wallet addresses are eligible for the Arbiturm $ARB token airdrop. 

In order to check whether you’re eligible to receive the airdrop, simply go to the Arbitrum Foundation website. 

From there you can connect the wallet you think is legible.

You can now proceed to claim your $ARB airdrop tokens.

First, you have choose who to delegate your voting power to in the DAO. You can choose to delegate that voting power to yourself if you wish to or support another cause. 

Proceed to claim and delegate once you’ve made your choice. 

You’ll need to approve the action in your web3 wallet e.g. MetaMask and then pay the gas fee. 

Once the transaction is processed, you can verify on the page or check your wallet balance.

You can choose to keep the $ARB token and continue supporting the growing Arbitrum ecosystem or you can cash out and enjoy your earned rewards. 

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