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How to Bridge Crypto Using Layerswap

Cross-chain Swaps with Layerswap.

What Exactly is Layerswap?

Layerswap stands out as a dependable method for swiftly moving cryptocurrency assets among Centralized Exchanges, various blockchains, and banks. At present, the application supports seamless crypto movements between 18 exchanges and 24 blockchains, including cross-chain transactions and fiat integration options. A comprehensive list of all supported assets, chains, and CEXes is available for reference.

Layerswap’s Unique Features

Layerswap distinguishes itself as the inaugural and exclusive bridge that permits direct and swift transfers from CEXes to blockchains. Additionally, Layerswap offers:

  • Rapid transfer speeds with minimal transaction fees,
  • The ability to transfer to and from blockchains that are typically unsupported elsewhere,
  • Assistance to web3 projects in user onboarding,
  • Outstanding customer support for its community,
  • A commitment to simplifying the user experience (UX) for crypto deposits.

How to Use Layerswap

Centralized Exchange (CEX) participants utilize Layerswap to transfer assets directly to blockchains for a range of purposes such as engaging with new applications/projects, purchasing NFTs, gaming, or maintaining assets in Layer 2 networks, Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), or wallets. Web3 initiatives leverage Layerswap to facilitate their users in depositing funds from CEXes, blockchains, and fiat sources. Beginners in cryptocurrency find Layerswap an easy entry point into web3 projects. It offers everyone the capability to execute crypto transfers that are both rapid and cost-effective.

To get started, go to and launch the app. Make sure you connect your web wallet e.g.  MetaMask. 

Select the blockchain from which you wish to transfer funds from and the destination chain, plus the asset you wish to move across the chains. 

In this example, we are moving ETH between the layer 2 networks Arbitrum and zkSync

Initiate the transfer.

Pay the gas fee. 

You can see the progress of your transfer. 

Once your deposit of the funds you wish to transfer as you allow the smart contracts to interact with your wallet, your digital asset will then be sent. 

You’ll be notified upon completion of the transfer. 

You can also verify the transaction on zkSync explorer

Using zkSync blockchain network through Apps such as Layerswap could potentially also line you up for an airdrop.

Doing cross-chain swaps is something that should be done with a degree of awareness of the risk. Using tools such as VPNs can definitely boost your online security. 

For example, you can use Private Internet Access VPN. Think about this – every time you’re online, whether it’s on your phone, computer, tablet, or even gaming console, you’re sending out a ton of information. This data can be intercepted by various entities before it even hits the website you’re visiting. It’s like sending a postcard – anyone can read it along the way.

This is where a VPN – a Virtual Private Network – comes in. Private Internet Access, or PIA, is a game-changer here. It conceals your IP address and secures your internet connection inside an encrypted tunnel. Imagine it as sending your postcard in a secure, locked box. This way, PIA shields your digital footprint from anyone trying to peek into your private life.

Now, why Private Internet Access? They’re the most transparent VPN provider out there, boasting over 30 million downloads! They’re committed to your privacy – they don’t store user data, and they’ve got a strict no-logs policy. This has been proven in court and verified by a third-party audit from Deloitte.

But that’s not all. PIA isn’t just about security; it’s about freedom too. With this VPN, you can unlock a world of content on all major streaming services. It’s a ticket to more shows, more movies, more everything – from anywhere in the world. And for those who share files, PIA is one of the few VPNs that fully supports P2P sharing.

The best part? PIA is compatible with pretty much everything – Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, iOS, and more. And one subscription covers an unlimited number of devices. That’s right, unlimited!

And here’s the deal you’ve been waiting for – if you sign up using my link below, you’ll get an incredible 83% off for a 2-year plan plus 4 extra months free. That’s just $2.03 a month!

So go on and start you cross-chain bridging using Layerswap, securely and hopefully you’ll benefit from the zkSync and other airdrops too. 

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