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Holdstation Web3 Brokerage Solutions on zkSync

Holdstation DeFutures Exchange Review.

What is Holdstation?

Holdstation’s core concept revolves around transitioning the brokerage trading framework from Web2 into the Web3 space. The objective is to create a comprehensive brokerage solution that facilitates the connection between brokers and traders for trading various assets. This includes real-world assets like currencies, indexes, CFDs, along with crypto assets, among others.

The products offered by Holdstation utilize smart contract wallet technology and are deployed on layer 2 rollup blockchains, including zkSync Era. This approach is designed to refine trading experiences and augment trader privacy, aiming to closely mirror the trading experiences found in Web2.

Holdstation DeFuture Wallet

Holdstation DeFuture Wallet is an advanced smart contract wallet tailored for future trading, leveraging the latest ERC-4337 and MPC technology. This wallet allows users to partake in various trading options, including cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities, offering leverage up to 500x. 

This is a sophisticated wallet designed for future trading, transitioning millions of Web2 traders into the Web3 environment. It integrates features like future trading, self-custody, and user privacy. Committed to Decentralisation and Permissionless Protocols, the team aims to merge CeFi experiences with the DeFi space within the Holdstation Ecosystem.

Holdstation DeFutures Exchange

This platform is the primary choice for trading a range of assets, such as cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, and indices, providing up to 500x leverage. “DeFuture” combines the concepts of “De” for decentralization and “Future” for margin trading.

How to bridge assets using Holdstation to earn zkSync Airdrop 

Connect your web3 wallet to Holdstation. 

For this demonstration, we’ll be using MetaMask wallet. 

Once your wallet is connected, read the terms and conditions and if you agree, continue to sign in.

Now you can proceed to bridge assets from one blockchain network to another. 

In this case, we’ll be bridging from Arbitrum to zkSync. 

You can set your spending cap your web3 wallet gives you the option to ensure you never spend more than your intended limit. 

Proceed to pay the gas fee for this.

Now you can execute your order. 

Pay the gas fee for the transaction. 

Once your transaction has been processed, you can verify its status on the block explorer.

Holdstation Foundation

The Holdstation Foundation will function as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Here, token holders can propose and vote on network modifications, including community development resource allocation, ecosystem growth, and decisions on future token distributions.

Holdstation Club(NFT)

The exclusive 8888 Holdstation NFT collection symbolizes the Holdstation Social Club, a prestigious group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Holdstation Research

This research hub offers the latest crypto market insights, analyses, and news. It provides comprehensive knowledge of current trends to help the community develop solid investment strategies.

Holdstation Launchpad

The upcoming Holdstation Launchpad is set to be a key platform within the zk Ecosystem. Dedicated to supporting zk space projects, Holdstation provides various services to ensure the success of new project launches.


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