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Exchanges Crypto Exchange Review Digital Currency Exchange Platform Review. is operated by Gate Technology Corp. A security-first exchange, was founded by CEO Lin Han in 2013 under the name The exchange provides an online service that makes it possible for users to exchange different digital assets. Depending on the user’s country of residence however, they may not be able to use all the functions on the site. Offerings

Trading offers spot, margin trading and perpetuals. They also have an ETF market with spot, futures, and loans. 

Source: offers a range of digital asset offerings that include staking, crypto lending, crypto loans, yield farming and much more. 

GT Token and USDG

Users can also trade GT token – the native token of the Gatechain mainnet. ​​It subsequently became the exchange token in 2020 under the name GateToken (GT). The token can be utilised in VIP tier escalation, trading fee debit, and other exclusive activities. The token can be traded on a number of crypto exchanges including Huobi also manages Gate USD (USDG) which is a USD pegged stablecoin. USDG is said to be created based on overcollateralized pledging of multiple blockchain assets and it is supposedly stored as a cross-chain asset in multiple chains, including Ethereum and Gatechain which is a public blockchain which is reported to have a focus on on-chain safety and decentralized trading. Recently it was announced that Gatechain had launched a DeFi ecosystem. has a crypto exchange mobile app that is available for download on both iOS andAndroid. In the app, users are able to access functions such as crypto loans where they can choose USDG for example which is listed on S.Finance – an exchange liquidity pool on the Ethereum blockchain that was designed for stablecoin trading, swapping and liquidity yield farming. 

GT Token and USDG
Copy Trading

If you’re interested in copy trading or being a signaller, you can use copy trading features. 

Fees and VIP Discounts
Affiliate and Referrals has a flexible referral program that allows you to adjust your share of referral fees. You can share up to 40 % commission every time your referrals  complete a trade. There’s no cap on how many accounts a referrer can invite. As a referrer, you can get a commission from your referee’s trading fee for a period of up to 12 months. If your referee conducts a trade in the exchange’s spot market, a percentage of the trading fee generated will be rewarded as commission. Simply sign up and get your crypto referral link with the commission rebate rate. Startup

This is the exchange platform where initial exchange offerings are facilitated. According to,  Startup is a blockchain assets discount offering platform that is meant to enable the provision of decentralized blockchain asset sales with discount. The platform makes the process easy so that users can simply sign up or log in to the exchange then they’d need to complete identity verification or at least KYC level 1. Following that user would need to ensure they have the supported payment currencies in their exchange accounts. If so, they can then read and enter into a token purchase agreement so that they can be able to place orders once the particular token sale they are interested in participating in commences.


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