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Free RENEC and DOGE for New Remitano Users

Earn RENEC Token for FREE on Remitano.

What is Remitano?

Remitano is a p2p marketplace where you can buy and sell digital currencies. The peer-to-peer marketplace was launched in 2014 and it’s very popular across the globe including in countries like Australia, China, Nigeria, India, Malaysia and South Africa. 

Remitano works in a similar way to Gumtree or OLX but instead of people buying and selling gadgets, cars or furniture – people buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies on Remitano is simple. For example, when a buyer opens a trade to buy bitcoin, the seller puts the amount of crypto the buyer wishes to purchase from them in escrow for security. Once the buyer makes the payment and the seller confirms they have received payment, bitcoins will be released from escrow and sent to the buyer’s wallet. If there’s a dispute between the buyer and seller, Remitano has clear processes in place to resolve trade disputes.

Users can buy cryptocurrencies on the Remitano platform using wire transfer, cash deposit and other payment methods. It’s pretty straightforward. What’s great about a p2p platform like Remitano is that as a seller you can set your own prices and profit margins. Remitano has great reviews on independent review platforms such as Trust Pilot. You’re welcome to do your own research of this company and their platform before getting started.

Cryptos are powered by blockchain technology. For example Bitcoin is issued on the Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum on the Ethereum blockchain and now even Remitano now has its own blockchain ecosystem powered by the RENEC token. 

Remitano is distributing the token to users of their platform. Remitano does not require you to pay any money to own RENEC. Currently, the only way to own RENEC is via the Remitano app which you can download for free in the Google Play App or Apple App Store. 

You can mine and earn RENEC tokens once every 24 hours after completing the account registration and verification. You can also earn 20% commission for each referral who registers an account using your referral link and starts mining RENEC tokens on their phone.

Earn FREE RENEC  & DOGE Tokens on Remitano

All new users who register during the above period have the opportunity to immediately receive a bonus RENEC +10 DOGE / user.

Read the full details here.

Remitano also has a great referral program and you can earn 40% of fees for simply recommending your peers. You can simply sign up using the link in the description and start earning passive income by sharing your own affiliate link with people in your network.

Even better, you can earn an additional 10% when the people you refer to Remitano also refer their friends to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on the peer-to-peer platform.


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