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Former Navy SEAL and Author Willard Chesney Joins CBS SEAL Team Actor Justin Melnick With NFT Collection Release On The ReserveBlock RBX Network Proceeds To Benefit The Boot Campaign

Miami, United States, 16th August, 2022, Chainwire Former Navy SEAL Operator and Author Willard Chesney, the dog handler on the

Miami, United States, 16th August, 2022, Chainwire

Former Navy SEAL Operator and Author Willard Chesney, the dog handler on the historic raid on the Osama Bin Laden compound, along with Justin Melnick, who plays Navy SEAL dog handler ‘Brock Reynolds’ on the CBS hit television series SEAL TEAM, are banding together to release an exclusive NFT collection utilizing the ReserveBlock RBX Network ( protocol with a portion of the proceeds benefiting The Boot Campaign. This exclusive NFT series will each come with special unique digital and physical mementos as well as digitally paired with personal experiences with both Chesney and Melnick and will be directly offered from their digital wallets to anyone who wishes to participate. 

Chesney, served as a SEAL Team Operator and handler for Military Working Dog (MWD) Cairo, the only dog on the team that executed Operation Neptune Spear. This infamous operation resulted in the elimination of Osama Bin Laden and ended an eight-year campaign to capture or terminate the renowned terrorist. Chesney, who served as both an Assaulter and Dog Handler at NSW DEVGRU (SEAL Team Six) is also the recipient of the Silver Star and Purple Heart, as well as the author of the best-selling book “No Ordinary Dog”, published through St. Martin’s Press. While this gripping and emotional memoir details Chesney’s working relationship with Cairo through multiple deployments, it also memorializes how he saved Chesney’s life in more ways than one. Will now works to help veterans who have suffered from traumatic brain injury.

“I always knew I wanted to serve and serving in the SEAL Teams was my life’s goal. I never dreamt I’d be lucky enough to become a dog handler in the Teams. My dog Cairo was a special animal with a special soul – he truly was part of our team just like any other operator.  To be able to continue to tell his story in a variety of ways and help others is the best way I know how to honor his life.  While NFTs are new to me, it clearly provides a platform for me to do just that: help others and continue Cairo’s legacy,” said Chesney.

Partnering with Will is CBS SEAL Team actor Justin Melnick, who has also served his community as a police officer prior to his career in television. On the show, Justin plays the role of ‘Brock’ the Team’s dog handler, alongside his Belgian Malinois named Dita. Justin has spent many of his recent years contributing time and personal resources to several veteran causes and has also worked closely with Chesney on different training exercises with their Malinois.  

“Playing Brock on SEAL Team has given me an even deeper perspective of our incredible heroes. My admiration for what they do, is beyond measure”, said Melnick. “They’ve given so much to this country, and I’m proud to play one of these heroes on TV. I can’t be more excited to launch this NFT series with Will, and look forward to connecting with like-minded people who also want to show their support for our heroes.” 

Launch details on this exclusive NFT Hero series will be forthcoming in September along with the series release date.

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Justin Melnick:

Instagram: @justinmelnick & @ditathehairmissle  

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