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Fibrous DeFi Aggregator on Starknet Review

How to Get Starknet Airdrops by using Fibrous.

What is Fibrous?

Originating in the rapidly evolving realm of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Fibrous has made its mark as a trailblazing DEX Aggregator, intensely committed to providing the best swap rates on the Starknet validity Rollup. Standing out in a crowded field, Fibrous is not just another version of a conventional Automated Market Maker (AMM). Rather, it embraces a novel approach, establishing itself as a detailed tool that navigates and scrutinizes the varied environment of Starknet, in pursuit of the best routing paths through its extensive array of AMMs. This dedication to superior performance is driven by an appreciation of Starknet’s potential and a desire to enhance and transform its prevailing standards.

How to Swap Crypto with Fibrous on Starknet 

Launch the Fibrous app to connect your web3 wallet e.g. Braavos or Argent: 

In this example we are swapping a small amount of USDC for ETH since Starknet allows micro-transactions not possible on layer 1 networks such as Ethereum. 

Confirm the swap. 

Proceed to sign the transaction. 

Upon signing the transaction will be submitted. 

You can verify the transaction on Starkscan, the Starknet block explorer. 

Gas and Transaction Fees

Similar to EVM chains, gas fees and the functioning of Starknet’s CairoVM are crucial for the network’s effectiveness and the flow of the protocol.

Consequently, a specific gas fee is applied to each transaction, and the transaction proceeds if these fees are covered. Presently, the gas currency for the Starknet network is Ether (ETH). Hence, it’s important to have sufficient Ether for your activities on Fibrous.

Service Charges

Beyond being a Decentralized Exchange, Fibrous also strives to deliver an optimal DeFi experience by incorporating various DeFi applications and structures. For these services, Fibrous imposes a fee of 0.02% for single-route transactions within its protocol and 0.15% for transactions involving multiple routes. However, you can still monitor arbitrage prospects and make transactions at the most favorable prices. 


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