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DXS Exchange Review

DXS Exchange Review.

What is DXS Exchange?

DXS is best described as a market making CFD trading platform that uses Bitcoin SV (BSV) as its settlement asset. Typically CFD trading platforms make it possible for buyers and sellers to speculate on the price of assets using CFDs. DXS is effectively a counterparty for all trades on the platform. BSV secures positions and is the asset used to settle profits and losses.

DXS is in essence a brokerage web application for self-directed financial traders. Formerly TDXP, they rebranded to DXS due to TD Bank Group contesting their TDXP EU trademark application. It is managed by TDXP Brokerage LLC, registered by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines where currently there is no need for licensing of trading/CFD operations. Competitors such as PrimeXBT and SimpleFX are also based there. The Bitcoin Trading Protocol software is managed by BTP Foundation registered in London, England.

DXS provides services operating on top of the protocol which autonomously operates the trading engine and handles liquidity settlement at the end of a trading session. 

What are the benefits of using DXS Exchange?

  • DXS provides users an opportunity to use Bitcoin to trade all financial markets
    with leverage including cryptos, stocks, indices, forex, and commodities.

  • Bitcoin Trading Protocol (BTP) custodies the individual trades (margin balances), but don’t custody user wallets. DXS is therefore a non-custodial platform which means that user funds are never in their control giving a user control since there is no need to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • DXS exchange platform can be accessed easily by simply logging in via a private non-custodial wallet such as HandCash or RelayX, and the user can pay as they trade.

In this example, we choose HandCash wallet. 

  • When you connect to DXS with your wallet your account is credited with some free BSV which is pretty cool. 

  • gives users the opportunity to trade the world’s markets with as little as 1 cent from a simple, easy to use CFD trading app. They even  give users free money to get started.
  • You can choose to also purchase or top up your account with BSV to start trading. 

  • Using DXS is choosing near zero trading fees as users only pay holding fees for long-term positions.
  • DXS exchange offers everything from crypto, commodities, stocks, indices and forex.
  • DXS is a simple trading app with minimal spreads, easy risk management, and a user-friendly interface for both desktop and mobile.
  • Users of DXS don’t have to worry about counterparty risk and exit scams.
  • DXS utilises a fully transparent Bitcoin Trading Protocol to handle liquidity and eliminate manipulation.
  • In-app chat support is available and DXS has some good user reviews.

  • DXS does not enforce mandatory user verification in order to be able to trade.
  • Unlike traditional market makers, DXS does not profit when traders lose. DXS only benefits from holding fees.

Downside of DXS

  • Users from some regions are not allowed access to DXS including those in the U.S., Canada, Seychelles, Switzerland, UK, Algeria, Ecuador, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. 
  • DXS does not intend to offer openAPI infrastructure since they don’t wish to allow bots to trade on the platform. However, focusing liquidity on human traders is ultimately more sustainable. 

Final Thoughts on DXS

DXS is a great app that is impressively utilizing the power of the Bitcoin blockchain to bring financial innovation to the masses by leveraging the peer-to-peer, micro-transaction capabilities afforded by Bitcoin SV.

Near zero transaction fees allow for micro trading which means that traders can open positions for as little as one cent on DXS, which has potential to usher in massive financial inclusion. 
Since DXS uses instant settlement, this eliminates the requirement for accounts and deposits. Traders are able to open trades instantly from their crypto wallet. For more info, check out their FAQ page.

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