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Dora Factory Secures $10M in Strategic Funding

Singapore, Singapore, May 23rd, 2024, Chainwire Dora Factory, the leading decentralized governance infrastructure, announced the closing of another $10 million

Singapore, Singapore, May 23rd, 2024, Chainwire

Dora Factory, the leading decentralized governance infrastructure, announced the closing of another $10 million strategic raise. Nomad Capital, No Limit Holdings, Sky9 Capital, Singapore’s UOB-Signum Blockchain Fund, Interop Ventures, Cai Wensheng’s Longling Capital, and nine other renowned institutional investors joined the round. 

The raise will accelerate the adoption and strategic expansion of Dora Factory’s decentralized governance and public goods funding tech stack.

Dora Factory is a leading infrastructure focused on decentralized governance and public goods technology. Its core products include the flagship Public Good Staking infrastructure, which enables block incentive driven ecosystem funding; Dora Vota, a Cosmos SDK appchain hosting dGov protocols; anonymous MACI and general MACI, the privacy-preserving, collusion-resistant zk voting infrastructure, and the multi-chain Quadratic Governance protocol stack, the on-chain mechanism that democratizes public goods funding. 

Last week, the Cosmos Hub community approved governance proposal No.917 and a $1 million grant to AEZ Quadratic Grant to run ten rounds of Quadratic Funding in the next 24 months via Dora Factory’s Voting appchain, Dora Vota. All of the funding will be distributed to public good builders and start-ups in the Cosmos Hub and related ecosystems building a prosperous ATOM Economic Zone.

Earlier this year, Dora Factory announced its first strategic round led by dao5, a new venture capital firm founded by former Polychain General Partner Tekin Salimi, and Whampoa Digital, co-founded by Amy Lee, a former senior partner at Lee & Lee, a Singapore law firm started by Lee Kim Yew and Singapore’s first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew and his wife. Prior to this, Dora Factory had raised a total of $17.5 million in 2021, with investors including Binance Labs, HashKey, and The LAO.

“Building leading public goods funding and governance infrastructure is a critical step for the Dora team to advance the global hacker movement and drive frontier tech innovation,” said Eric Zhang, Architect of Dora Factory. “We are humbled to receive much support from our ecosystem partners and the Web3 community. In fact, decentralized governance has a deep and interesting tech stack, and we are still at a very early stage. There are a lot of exciting developments ahead. The work from Dora Factory during the past three years has laid a solid foundation for them.”

Since its founding in 2020, Dora Factory has dedicated itself to the research and development of decentralized governance infrastructure and applications. Over 2,000 startups have secured $20 million in grants on-chain with Dora Factory’s infrastructure.

Over 30 Web3 ecosystems, including Aptos, Celestia, Injective, Klaytn, and Akash, have worked closely with Dora Factory as their core ecosystem partner and adopted Dora Factory’s protocol stacks. Through Public Good Staking, an innovative initiative created by the Dora Factory team in 2022, they have provided long-term, block-native, sustainable funding support to public goods builders and early-stage developer teams. 

“The assets under governance for on-chain communities has grown to a hundred-billion dollar scale. Now is the golden era for governance technology,” said Erick Zhang, Partner of Nomad Capital. “Dora Factory has become the industry’s cornerstone public goods infrastructure after four years of dedicated development and iteration. We are thrilled to support the Dora team in their mission to empower developers, foster innovation in the Web3 space, and expand the adoption of new technologies, including aMACI, through this investment.”

“Dora Factory’s development of Dora Vota and anonymous privacy voting technology demonstrates their leadership in Web3 governance and public good funding. This is a crucial piece of blockchain’s value proposition, and we recognize their impact with millions of votes cast and over 2000 projects receiving funding via QF. Our investment is a first step in continuing to support their effort.” said Gin Chao, Founding Partner of No Limit Holdings. 

“With support from new investors, we are excited to grow the Dora Factory ecosystem further. Our plans include innovations in multi-chain quadratic funding and Public Good Staking, encouraging developers to expand the use cases of anonymous MACI, and building new governance apps on Dora Vota. Our goal is to deliver a suite of products that provide an exceptional experience for on-chain communities and teams working on frontier technologies,” commented Steve Ngok, core contributor to Dora Factory.

About Dora Factory

Dora Factory builds protocols and infrastructures to enable decentralized governance and efficient funding for the global hacker movement, open-source communities, and Web3 public goods. Dora Factory’s flagship Public Good Staking is one of the fastest-growing multi-chain staking infrastructures, providing block-native incentives to grow the next generation of blockchains. Dora Vota is a special-purpose blockchain for decentralized governance, supporting general MACI interface, anonymous MACI, and quadratic governance rounds.

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