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DMail Decentralized Web3 Mail Service Review

A Guide to DMail’s Web3 Email Service.

What is DMail?

DMail symbolizes the next evolution in email services. It employs state-of-the-art technology to provide a powerful platform that guarantees end-to-end encryption of your messages. This ensures your communications are kept private, accessible only to you and those you choose. Effortlessly traverse the Web3 realm, assured in the safety and confidentiality of your interactions.

DMail is not just about high-level security; it’s also your all-in-one solution for handling subscriptions and getting notifications.

Stay up-to-date and interconnected with various Web3 dApps and Web2 applications, all through a user-friendly interface designed for your ease.

How to Use DMail Decentralised Mail  Service

To get started, go to DMail and login with a web3 wallet.

In this tutorial, we’ll be using Argent wallet.

The reason for using Argent is that we’d like to use a layer 2 network to get the most our of DMail experience since Starknet makes it possible to have low gas fees than layer 1 network like Ethereum.  You can use EVM-compatible chains, Solana, Internet Computer, Sei and Tron blockchains – giving you a wide range of networks to choose from.

Sign a message to log in so that your wallet can interact with the smart contracts that make web3 dApps functional. 

Once you sign, you’ll be connected to the DMail interface. 

DMail makes it possible for users to monitor asset changes in real-time across multiple wallets and blockchain networks.

You can browse the different plans on offer which you can upgrade to for FREE by accumulating points. 

Use Your Wallet Address as Your Email

Your wallet address doubles as your Dmail address.

When you’ve set your preference, you can go ahead and start sending emails.

Create a Web3 email linked to your wallet and experience secure, private, and efficient encrypted communication across different chains at no cost.

Compose your email and pay a small gas fee to process your onchain email action. 

You can see your sent or draft mail or replies in your inbox just like any other email service. It’s truly incredible the revolutionary feat in advanced communications using web3 that DMail has made possible. 

With each qualifying action, you can continue to accumulate points and unlock better plans on Mail. 

You can join the 14th OKX Jumpstart to get $DMAIL tokens for example.

Exclusive NFT Domain Accounts

Secure unique, personalized NFT domain names via presale, which act as your distinct email addresses. These exclusive NFT domain accounts, minted on the blockchain, offer various email privileges.Depending on the NFT domain names you choose, some are FREE, you just need to pay a small gas fee. 
You have the option to transfer or trade these NFT accounts. Possessing a rare NFT account is both prestigious and valuable, just like owning top level domains such as

The transformation from web2 to web3 email services has begun and Dmail is at the forefront of this revolution. 


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